Custom Cursor for Chrome not working? Here are 3 quick fixes

by Sonia Martin
Sonia Martin
Sonia Martin
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  • If Custom Cursor for Chrome is not working, you can use a secondary extension to unblock it.
  • Tweaking your Chrome settings could also help you tame the misbehaving cursor.
  • Or maybe you're after a quick fix that won't have you compromise on cursor customization options?
  • Then, you can also try a different browser and we have exactly what you need.
How do I fix my custom cursor not working

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Custom Cursor for Chrome is a nifty, yet simple-to-use extension that allows you to bring a unique touch to the Chrome experience.

With vibrant mouse cursor choices, you can make Chrome your own and set its appearance to reflect your style in a fun and ingenious way.

However, many users complained that Custom Cursor for Chrome does not always work as intended.

Sometimes it gets stuck or the cursor completely disappears. While cursor freezing issues are not scarce, you would not expect the same erratic behavior from an extension, would you?

As it turns out, the issue is common to the point that the developers behind Custom Cursor had to launch a second extension specifically designed to come to the rescue.

And this is also our first solution to solve the increasingly frequent Custom Cursor for Chrome not working cases.

How do I fix my custom cursor not working in Chrome?

1. Get the unblocker extension from the same provider

  1. Click on the Chrome menu situated in the top-right corner and open its Settings.
  2. Next, select Extensions from the left pane or choose to open the Web Store directly.
  3. In the search zone, type in Cursor Helper and select it from the list.
  4. Finally, click the blue button Add to Chrome and restart your browser.

2. Try a different browser

  1. Download and install the Opera browser.
  2. Launch the app and choose to set it as your default browser.
  3. Open the dedicated Addons section and type the word cursor in the search zone.
  4. Select CursorAdjust and click the green button Add to Opera to explore vibrant cursor libraries and make Opera yours truly.

We know it’s not a solution to unblock Custom Cursor for Chrome per se, but it is an easy fix and you might end up gaining a lot more from it in the long run.

If installing the second extension did not do much or if you’re simply not up to the troubleshooting steps that follow, we recommend switching to Opera.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives to explore when it comes to cursor collections, not to mention the plethora of customization options, privacy features, and integrations that await you just a few clicks away!

3. Tweak the Chrome Settings

  1. Open the Task Manager and stay on the first tab called Processes.
  2. Identify and select any Chrome-related process and press End task.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the following command straight in the address bar: chrome://restart command
  4. The next thing you can try is disabling (or enabling) Hardware Acceleration.
  5. Press the 3-dots menu from the upper right corner and open the Settings.
  6. Next, unfold the Advanced Settings from the sidebar and click on the System section. Chrome Settings Advanced
  7. In the new screen, simply toggle the Use hardware acceleration when available option to Off.

There you go, no you know how to deal with those pesky cases when Custom Cursor for Chrome is not working.

If you happen to know more workarounds, feel free to share them with the rest of our Windows-centric community!

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