Fix: Disney Plus is not continuing from where you left off

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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The battle for streaming dominance has gotten bigger as Disney Plus stepped in. Considering the impressive library, it was surprising to see it without a Continue watching feature for tracking progress.

Disney Plus had a bumpy start, with many users reporting difficulty logging into their accounts, completing payment or watching The Mandalorian. One of the company’s first moves to address these issues was to remove certain features, the Continue watching list being one of them.

Subscribers were disappointed by this major shortcoming and started a flood of support inquiries to customer service. Disney Plus is not continuing shows and movies where you left off either?

If you left a series, you would have to either watch it again from the very beginning or manually figure out the moment you stopped watching. Worry no longer about this inconvenience since Disney corrected that.

It eventually added back the ability to track your viewing progress into its platform. You just need to know where to look for in order to easily pick up a movie or show for watching it later.

Where is my Continue Watching on Disney Plus?

Continue Watching on Disney Plus

Continue Watching on Disney Plus

Quickly jumping back into a movie or show without digging through menus is possible thanks to the Continue Watching feature.

In the Disney Plus interface, Continue Watching finally shows up as a row on the main screen. This displays all your most recently viewed selections. Even more, there’s also a Resume button on individual show and movie pages.

You may use it to easily restart the film or episode at the point where you last stopped watching. If you still can’t see the Continue Watching feature on your end, it’s just a matter of waiting. Don’t panic, it’ll probably appear shortly.

Moreover, Disney still needs to iron out these bugs. It’s a recently launched service, so it’s bound to glitches and features working with a certain inconsistency. Despite these few hiccups, the feature is meant to work across platforms.

If you play pause on your favorite show on a mobile phone, you will able to resume playback on your connected TV device or PC with ease. Just give it a try and confirm that it works or take a closer at some effective ways to address playback issues in the browser.

With these being said, the addition of a Continue Watching feature should finally allow you to easily keep track of what show you were interested in and where exactly you left off in a rewatch of one of those amazing TV episodes from your childhood.


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