Disney Plus is not mirroring to TV? Here’s what to do

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Disney Plus mirroring issues

Despite its unquestionable success, there are quite a few different issues that could arise in your usage with Disney Plus. If you are already subscribed, you’ll most likely want to watch your favorite shows on a big screen. This turns into a huge problem when Disney Plus is not mirroring to TV.

Disney Plus is already available as a standalone app on select Samsung, LG, and Sony smart TVs. This is definitely good news if you already own one of these models.


However, if you don’t, it is also supposed to work on pretty much everything you have in your house today. This includes Android phones and tablets or iPhones, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick, as well as Roku and Apple TV streaming video players.

Gaming consoles like the Xbox One series along with PlayStation 4 are included in the list too, so mirroring to TV should work like a breeze.

In this article, we will discuss the best options to apply in this situation and make sure this eventually happens.

What can I do if Disney Plus is not mirroring to TV?

1. Tips for mirroring Disney Plus from computer to TV

mirror Disney Plus from computer to TV

Are you trying to display your small laptop display on the TV? In theory, you are able to play Disney Plus on most computers made in the last few years.

The truth is that the computer’s screen with Mickey Mouse cartoons or original movies and television series from Disney Plus often refuses to appear on your TV. You could also get an extreme lag between TV and laptop, so do the following:

  • Perhaps the easiest way to attempt to fix this is to reboot your computer.
  • Then, check out different movies to identify if you’re having issues with one item or all of them. If it happens with all of them, remember that Disney Plus requires a minimum speed of 25 Mbps. Use one of the best tools to test Internet speed on Windows 10 to rule out this cause.
  • Update all major drivers. This includes the chipset, sound, video, or network drivers.
  • Try uninstalling the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter driver. Then, let Windows 10 install it back.
  • In some rare instances, this mirroring problem can be caused by your antivirus. There’s a chance to fix it simply by disabling certain antivirus features. If that makes no difference, remove your antivirus altogether by using the best uninstaller software.

Have you finally succeded? Then, it’s time to learn how to master fitting your laptop screen on the TV.

2. Tips for mirroring Disney Plus from your mobile device to TV

mirror Disney Plus from Android

Screen mirroring also allows you to view fresh Disney Plus content from your mobile device on the TV screen. Take a better look at the following requirements.

2.1. Screen mirror Disney Plus wirelessly

screen mirror Disney Plus app


To be able to screen mirror Disney Plus wirelessly, your TV needs to support a Wi-Fi connection.

  • The first basic solution when this doesn’t work is to simply toggle the Wi-Fi on and then off for your devices.
  • Check for any new updates. This can be done by entering into the Settings app, selecting Software Updates, and then tapping on Check for Updates. If an update is available, then let it download and try again to mirror Disney Plus.
  • Quit all apps on your smartphone, turn it off and then back on. Finally, just try to open Disney Plus again and mirror it to TV.
  • Some users have reported success when reinstalling the app as well.

2.2. Stream Disney Plus with Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick

stream Disney Plus now

If you don’t have a smart TV, streaming can be achieved through a casting device such as Chromecast or Amazon FireStick.

To stream Disney with Google Chromecast:

  • Set up the app on your device and create an account. Connect and set up the Chromecast device on your TV, then search for a movie you’re eager to watch. Open the content, tap on the Chromecast icon and select your TV from the list of available devices.

To stream Disney with Amazon FireStick:

  • Just as Google Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick connects to your TV through HDMI and allows you to wirelessly stream content from mobile devices to your TV. Once you’ve installed the Fire TV Stick, remotely install the app on your device.

When mirroring fails:

  • Plug your device into a different HDMI input. In case of having an older TV that only has a single HDMI plug, changing out the cable altogether could help.
  • When it comes to streaming in 4K, note that you must use a cable compatible with HDCP 2.2.
  • To make sure your current TV supports HDCP 2.2 standard, enter into Settings > Display & Sounds > Display and the set Video Resolution to Auto. You should immediately get a notification saying if HDCP 2.2 standard is supported.

Unable to get your Firestick to fit the screen? Count on us to show you some quick fixes.

Let’s hope that you can start watching your favorite movie on your commute and immediately continue it on the big screen when you reach home. Enjoy!