3 Ways to Fix Download Failed Network Error in Firefox

It arises because of an issue with the folder it’s set to download to

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  • The download failed network error in Firefox can occur because of misconfigured browser settings, antivirus or firewall software, and not only.
  • If downloads keep failing Firefox, resetting certain browser settings might help.
  • Some users might need to configure third-party antivirus tools or firewalls on their PCs to fix this issue in no time.
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Many Firefox users will need to download files. However, some users have reported they can’t download files with Firefox. In one Reddit post, a user described that issue as follows:

After updating to version 69.0.2, any files I try to download fail with no error. In the download panel, it just says Failed, and the retry button does nothing.

That issue is Firefox’s equivalent of the Failed Network error reported for Chrome. Firefox users see Failed messages in the browser’s downloads panel. They can’t download files because of that error.

Do you need to fix that download failed network issue in your Firefox browser? If you do, you might be able to fix the downloading in Firefox with the possible solutions outlined below.

Why do I keep getting a network error when downloading?

Firefox’s download failed error can arise because of an issue with the folder it’s set to download to. In which case, changing the browser’s folder download setting might address the issue for some users.

It’s not uncommon for third-party antivirus or firewall software to cause network issues. Such software can block software from properly downloading files.

You might also keep getting a network download error because of misconfigured download action and folder Firefox settings. Therefore, restoring default browser settings could be another solution.

Quick Tip:

In case this network error seems to never stop on Firefox, a practical solution would be to switch to a better browser.

For instance, Opera includes faster navigation with no connection errors, enhanced security with a free VPN, or tons of app integrations on the homepage.


Switch for this new-age browser to benefit from error-free navigation and efficient downloads on your PC.

How do I fix the download failed network error?

1. Set a different downloads folder

  1. Press the Open application menu (hamburger) button.
    Open application menu button download failed network error firefox
  2. Select Settings to view that tab’s options.The Settings option download failed network error firefox
  3. Scroll down to the Downloads option.
  4. Click Browse to bring up a Choose Download Folder window.
    Browse button download failed network error firefox
  5. Select a different folder for downloads.
  6. Click Select Folder to confirm.
    Select Folder button download failed network error firefox
  7. Alternatively, you can select an Always ask you where to where to save option. With that option selected, a Firefox folder prompt will ask you to choose a folder whenever you select to download.

2. Disable third-party antivirus and internet security software

Try disabling third-party antivirus, firewall, and other internet security software before downloading files with Firefox. To do so, select a disable shield option on your antivirus utility’s system tray context menu.

Select to turn off any third-party firewalls. Your antivirus utility might also have a built-in firewall you need to disable. If it’s a standalone firewall, look for a turn-off option in its settings.

3. Reset the Firefox browser

  1. Bring up Firefox’s navigation menu by clicking the Open application menu button.
  2. Click the Help submenu.
  3. Select the More troubleshooting information option.
    More troubleshooting information option download failed network error firefox
  4. Click the Refresh Firefox option for resetting the browser.
    Refresh Firefox button download failed network error firefox
  5. Press the Refresh Firefox button within the confirmation prompt box.
    The red Refresh Firefox option download failed network error firefox
  6. Select Finish, then Let’s go to restart the browser.

So, give those fixes a try when downloads keep failing in Firefox. Clearing Firefox’s download history and completely reinstalling that browser are two other resolutions that could feasibly resolve this issue.

Have you fixed Firefox’s download failed error with a different method not mentioned in this guide? You’re most welcome to share other effective resolutions for this issue in the comments below.

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