Gaomon Drawing Software: 5 Best to Use in 2023

One of the digital art packages is renowned for its advanced drawing and painting toolkits

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  • The best drawing software for Gaomon devices provide a wide variety of advanced digital art tools.
  • The best free drawing apps for Gaomon incorporate advanced toolkits.
  • All mentioned applications in our article are among the best for Gaomon tablets.
best windows drawing apps

Gaomon is a company that has released a range of graphics tablets specifically designed for digital art.

The M106K, S56K, and S620 are among the more notable Gaomon tablets. Those tablets come with rechargeable pens that can be utilized more like real pens (or pencils) on paper.

Gaomon tablets are compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 platforms. As such, you can utilize most drawing software for Windows on most of the Gaomon graphic tablets.

These are some of the best drawing software for Gaomon tablets that will satisfy most artists’ drawing goals.

What are the best drawing apps for Gaomon tablets?

Adobe Photoshop – Multiple pen tools

Adobe Photoshop is much more than an image-editing application. You can design almost anything with this software.

It’s a general art and design package with many great drawing and painting features for different picture forms.

Photoshop is renowned for its pixel manipulation. However, it’s also very handy for vector graphics manipulation.

Users can draw pictures with any of the various shapes, pens, and pencil tools included in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop incorporates five pen tools. Users can draw as they would on paper with its Freeform Pen tool. Its standard Pen tool is handy for drawing straight lines and curves with precision.

With additional curvature, content-aware, and magnetic pen tools included, Photoshop is very flexible drawing software.

Other best features include:

  • Photoshop’s Brush toolkit enables users to set up custom sketch pencil brushes
  • Includes pen pressure options for tablet users
  • Users can quickly discover new tools with Photoshop’s Discover panel
  • Its Preset search tool enables users to quickly find brushes, styles, and shapes

Adobe Photoshop

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Clip Studio Paint – Customizable 3D reference models

ClipStudio Paint best drawing apps for Windows 11

Clip Studio Paint users can select from a wide variety of high-quality brush presets or set up custom alternatives.

This software enables users to configure pen line weight, texture, and feel. Alternatively, you can download a plethora of custom pens and pencils to draw with from Clip Studio Assets.

This software also incorporates handy tools for technical design drawings.

It includes symmetric, perspective, and concentric circle rulers, among others, that will come in handy for three-dimensional design drawings.

Those are all tools graphics designers will appreciate considerably.

Other best features include:

  • Includes customizable 3D reference models
  • Its users can configure tablet pen pressure settings
  • CSP’s vector layer feature enables users to edit lines after drawing them
  • Users can draw repeating patterns with CSP’s decoration brushes

Clip Studio Paint

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Adobe Illustrator – Amazing graphics

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-leading vector graphics software that you can definitely use for drawing on your Gaomon tablet.

It has a modern interface and offers various drawing tools to draw lines, shapes, abstract illustrations, and many others to contour your creative ideas.

With Adobe Illustrator, you’ll find different types of brushes, such as calligraphic, scatter, art, pattern, and bristle.

You can blend colors, or even change colors to their inverse or complement to achieve the most flawless drawing.

Adobe Illustrator includes multiple drawing tools like Pen tool, Pencil tool, Curvature tool, Paintbrush, and Blob Brush tool, and if you’re a beginner, don’t worry, Adobe offers many useful tutorials.

Other best features include:

  • 3D objects and materials
  • Reshape objects
  • Special effects
  • Web graphics

Adobe Illustrator

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Corel Painter – Brush accelerator

Corel Painter is a professional drawing and painting software for digital artists that’s one of the most comprehensive art packages.

Its panel includes a wide variety of pens, pencils, liquid ink, and marker brushes for users to draw various types of illustrations.

Corel Painter includes proportion, layout, and perspective composition tools that are very useful for both painting and drawing.

The non-printing Perspective Guide utility is especially useful for graphics design illustrations. Its Divine Proportion feature provides guides for adding a sense of proportion to pictures.

Furthermore, Corel Painter’s coloring tools are second to none. Its users can apply colors to illustrations with layers, specify color intensities with the saturation triangle, mix colors, and clone colors.

With such tools, Corel Painter is ideal for drawing manga pictures with vibrant colors.

Other best features include:

  • Includes a customizable UI design
  • Supports stylus pen, bearing, and pressure control for tablets
  • Enables users to create custom brushes
  • Painter’s AI Styles feature enables users to apply 12 alternative art presets
  • Its Brush Accelerator optimizes brush settings

Corel Painter

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Autodesk SketchBook – Symmetry tools

The Autodesk SketchBook software is a drawing package with robust creative tools for illustrated art.

This software has primarily been designed for hand-held devices, such as tablets and mobiles. The best thing is that Autodesk SketchBook is freely available for download.

SketchBook users can select from a huge assortment of brushes, which include pencil, pen, and marker brush types for drawing.

If you can’t find a suitable brush in Sketchbook, you can set up a custom do-it-yourself brush with shape, roundness, size, opacity, and even texture configured to your requirements.

SketchBook also includes symmetry, perspective, and ruler tools for drawing. Symmetry tools are handy for applying symmetrical picture effects.

SketchBook’s perspective guidelines enable you to generate pictures with vanishing points and horizons. The rulers are useful for drawing straight and curved lines.

Other best features include:

  • Streamlined UI design reduces menu clutter
  • Its drawing engine supports 100 mpx canvas
  • Includes a Stylus Responsiveness window for stylus pens
  • Sketchbook’s Layer Editor includes layer tools

Autodesk Sketchbook

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Those are four great drawing software with which you can make the most of Gaomon graphic tablets’ stylus pens and features. SketchBook, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Clip Studio Paint include all the drawing tools most artists will ever need for their pictures.

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