Best DVD player deals to get if you’re not ready for Blu-ray

Portable DVD players are great tools for playing movies and music. Indeed, this technology is rather old, but many of you still prefer to use a DVD player because it brings back fond memories.

So, if you’re not ready to upgrade to Blu-ray yet, we compiled this list of DVD players and accessories we’re sure you’ll find useful.

What kind of DVD player should I buy?


If you still play your music and movies off of DVDs, you’ll need a great DVD player. And if you’re always on the move, a portable DVD player is the perfect device for you. Check out the best ones on the market right now and choose the perfect portable DVD player that fits your budget and needs.


Watching movies on the go doesn’t mean you have to carry your laptop with you everywhere. With a portable DVD player, you can enjoy high-quality movies wherever you are.


Two people sitting in different positions don’t have to worry about seeing the screen differently or not at all. Watch movies with your friends and family with these dual-screen DVD players.


DVD players have been the standard for multimedia consumption for a very long time, and that’s especially true when we’re talking about in-car multimedia. From central console DVD players, to headrest ones, if your passengers like to watch movies on the road, here are the best devices that you need to get.


While dedicated DVD players have a lot of advanced features, they also can take up a lot of space. If you’re worried about that, and also about the look of your setup, you need to consider devices with built-in DVD players. They offer the same functionality, without the need of a separate device or multiple connections and cables.

Connectivity & multimedia

Not all DVD players are the same. Some offer multiple connectivity options, while others work only through HDMI. That’s also true about different formats. Some devices can play multiple formats, while others are stuck with only one or two. Check out these deals and carefully choose the ones that fit your requirements the best.

All formats

Sometimes you have a standard DVD disk, other times you have movies stored on a high-quality Blu-Ray disk. Whichever the case, these DVD Players will play them back to you.


DVD players used to be controlled only via remote, and would only have HDMI connectivity. That’s all in the past with these amazing DVD players that support a wide connectivity range.

In order to play DVDs, you also need a DVD software. If you’re not willing to shell out money for such a tool, rest assured, there are plenty of free alternatives you can choose from.