How to fix error 0x80070bc2 when installing Windows 10 updates

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fix error 0x80070bc2 windows 10

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If you can’t install the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update patch on your computer, then this post if for you. Many users can’t download and install KB4093112 on their machines due to various errors that block the install process.

Before you hit the update button, you should also know that this update triggers a bevy of issues ranging from unresponsive USB ports to pen issues.

However, if you still want to get rid of all those errors and install KB4093112 on your Windows 10 PC, keep reading this guide to learn what are the steps to follow.

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 Fix error 0x80070bc2 in Windows 10

By far, one of the most common errors affecting Windows 10 updates is error 0x80070bc2. All you need to do is launch Command Prompt (Admin) and type the following commands hitting Enter after each one:

  • SC config wuauserv start= auto
  • SC config bits start= auto
  • SC config cryptsvc start= auto
  • SC config trustedinstaller start= auto

You can then restart your PC and install the latest updates again. This time, the whole process should work without any problems and error 0x80070bc2 should no longer occur, as this user confirms:

This solved my issue with the endless circle of the update failing to install. It installed both the KB4093112 update and the KB 4093110 (update to Adobe flash) after 14 trys. So I been able to free up the memory involved in constantly trying to update these.

Of course, if you still can’t install KB4093112 through Windows Update, you can always download the standalone update package from Microsoft’s Update Catalog website.

Oftentimes, update errors are related to corrupted users profiles, so you should also try to create a new administrator account. Once you’ve signed in to your new profile, perform a clean boot and then check for updates.

If nothing worked, maybe the troubleshooting guides listed below ill help you get rid of this error:


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