FIFA 21 Steam and Origin crossplay is apparently broken

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  • One of the defining features of the FIFA franchise is the ability to play with others.
  • This makes it ironic that many FIFA 21 players have reported issues with the Steam and Origin crossplay.
  • The game is continuously changing, so if you want to keep up with it, check out our FIFA 21 Hub.
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FIFA 21 steam can't play wit origin

Ever since FIFA 21 was first announced, players all over were happy to see what the newest entry would bring.

After much waiting, EA Sports finally delivered, and the game is now out and ready to be played by anyone.

The only problem is that, just like any other year, FIFA 21 is just as plagued with a variety of bugs and issues as any other entry from the past.

However, the biggest drawback so far, for PC players at least, is that the gaming community has been split in half.

Regardless of whether you are an Origin or a Steam fan, FIFA 21 is still the same amazing game.

Get it now and be among the first to enjoy the latest entry from EA Sports’ beloved franchise!

  • 700+ teams
  • 30 official leagues
  • Unparalleled graphics
  • 17,000+ authentic players
  • Have a career in professional football and grow
  • Play as one of the best football teams of the 2021 season
  • Playing online can be a pain with an older PC

FIFA 21 Steam and Origin crossplay isn’t available

According to numerous accounts on Reddit and EA’s support pages, PC players that own the game on Origin can’t play with those on Steam:

Hello, FIFA working fine yesterday for all my friends on Clubs and COOP. but today there was an update and now i can’t play clubs with anyone on the steam version and COOP. Works fine with other Origin players.

Additionally, it seems that those who own an EA Play subscription can’t play with those that own FIFA 21 Standard Edition:

Since the latest update, origin players can’t play with steam players, and players with ea play pro can’t play with standard edition players. Co-op, pro clubs, nothing works.

Players are indeed disappointed that two PC versions of the same game can’t play together, especially since Origin and Steam have a good history of linking accounts and content between themselves.

All in all, until this issue has been fixed, PC players that own FIFA 21 on Origin will be stuck playing just with other Origin players, and the same can be said about Steam players as well.

This is the second time miscommunications between EA and Steam have lead to issues with the game, after FIFA 21’s system requirements were posted wrongly on Steam, causing many players with otherwise sub-par PCs to buy it.

Do you have friends that you cant play FIFA 21 with because of the different platforms?

Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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