How to fix Avira Antivirus Error 500

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by Matthew Adams
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What to do when antivirus error 500 pops up

  1. Select the Modify Option to Add Components
  2. Scan the Registry With CCleaner
  3. Reinstall Avira Antivirus
  4. Check for Conflicting Software
  5. Roll Back Windows With System Restore

Avira Antivirus is a highly rated utility for Windows. However, some users have stated that Error: 500 error messages pop up within their Avira Antivirus software as shown in the snapshot directly below. Those error messages can vary slightly, but they all include a 500 code. These are a few resolutions that might fix Avira Antivirus Error: 500 error messages.

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1. Select the Modify Option to Add Components

Numerous Avira Antivirus users have confirmed they’ve fixed Error: 500 with Avira setup maintenance. That enables you to configure the installation of Avira Antivirus. You can open the software’s setup maintenance by selecting the Modify option as follows.

  • Open the Cortana app by pressing its Type here to search taskbar button.
  • Enter ‘apps’ in the search box, and select to open Apps & features.

  • Then scroll down to the your Avira Antivirus software listed on the Settings window.
  • Press the Modify button for Avira Antivirus. The setup maintenance window will then open.
  • Select the Modify option, and then click the Next button.
  • Select all the component check boxes for Avira Antivirus.
  • Press the Next button, and then restart Windows.

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2. Scan the Registry With CCleaner

Avira Antivirus Error: 500 messages can often be due to invalid or corrupted registry entries. So a reliable registry cleaner utility might come in handy for fixing Avira Antivirus. CCleaner is a registry cleaner with an expansive user base that you can repair registry keys with. You can add that utility to Windows by clicking Download on this page. Then scan the registry with CCleaner as follows.

  • Open CCleaner and click Registry on the left of its window.

Clean registry errors

  • Select all the registry check boxes.
  • Then click the Scan for Issues button.
  • Press the Fix Selected Issues button to repair the registry.
  • A dialog box will open asking to back up the registry. A backup will probably not be needed, but you can click Yes to back up the registry as a precaution.
  • Then click Fix All Selected Issues on the window shown below.

3. Reinstall Avira Antivirus

Reinstalling Avira Antivirus will replace its registry entries and files. Furthermore, reinstalling the utility will also ensure that you have the most update Avira software. So that’s a resolution which might also fix Avira Antivirus Error: 500 issues. Follow the guidelines below to reinstall the software.

  • Launch Run by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  • Enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run’s Open text box, and press the OK button.

  • Select Avira Antivirus to press its Uninstall button.
  • Click Yes to give the go ahead to remove the software.
  • Restart Windows before reinstalling Avira Antivirus.
  • Then reinstall the latest Avira Antivirus. You can get the latest Avira Free Antivirus utility by clicking Free Download on this webpage.

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4. Check for Conflicting Software

Conflicting software can also be another factor behind Error: 500. For example, some users have found that disabling CryptoPrevent fixes their Avira software. So it’s worth checking for conflicting software by removing third-party programs from the Windows startup as follows.

  • Right-click the Windows taskbar to open a menu that includes Task Manager. Select Task Manager to open that utility.
  • Click the Start-up to open the tab shown below.

  • Remove third-party programs from the startup by selecting them and clicking their Disable buttons.
  • Restart Windows after removing software from the system startup. Then open your Avira Antivirus window to see if the Error: 500 error message still pops up.

5. Roll Back Windows With System Restore

The System Restore utility might also come in handy for fixing Error: 500. For starters, that will remove recently installed software that might be conflicting with Avira Antivirus. This is how you can roll Windows back to a previous date.

  • Open System Restore by entering ‘rstrui’ in Run’s Open text box.
  • Select the Choose a different restore point option, and press the Next button.

Cannot find script file Windows 7

  • To expand the list of restore points, select the Show more restore points check box.

Run.vbs error Windows 10

  • Choose a restore point that will roll Windows back to a time when Error: 500 error messages weren’t popping up within your Avira Antivirus software.
  • Click Next and select Finish to restore Windows to the selected restore point.

Those resolutions can fix numerous Error: 500 error messages for Avira Antivirus. In addition, erasing temporary files and updating system drivers might also help fix Error: 500.