FIX: Flash version 10.1 or greater is required on web browser

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  • The Flash version greater required error is a common problem caused by app incompatibility.
  • First, you should think about changing your browser to a more reliable one.
  • Is Flash enabled in your browser? Check that by using our indications.
  • You should also verify if the website is allowed to run Flash. Also, clear the browser cache.
How to fix Flash version 10.1 or greater is required on web browser

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Installing Adobe Flash Player isn’t necessary anymore. All browsers come with the built-in Flash Player provided by Adobe. However, it seems that this isn’t a rule of thumb for some.

You also need to know that as Adobe Flash reached its end of life on December 31st 2020, there are fewer browsers supporting Flash by the day. Check this comprehensive article to find out which browsers still support Flash.

Namely, some users experienced issues when trying to play videos or access any flash-related content. They were met with the Flash version 10.1 or greater is required error.

We decided to shed some light on this issue and provide you with possible solutions below.

How can I fix Flash version 10.1 or greater is required?

  1. Use the Opera browser
  2. Make sure the built-in flash player is enabled
  3. Confirm that the website is allowed to use flash content
  4. Clear Browser cache
  5. Reinstall the browser

1. Use the Opera browser

use Opera

Why bothering with updates and checks when you can start using a browser that natively supports Flash? We’re talking about Opera, a light and speedy browser that can run through your Flash apps like a knife through butter.

But that’s not all. Opera has a lot of useful features like an ad-blocker, integrated social media buttons for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, smartphone integration and many more.

Opera even comes with a free, unlimited, built-in VPN service that will protect your privacy even from your ISP.



Opera supports Flash natively so it’s the best possible browser to enjoy your content. And it’s free!

2. Make sure that the built-in Flash Player is enabled

Installing additional Flash players on a contemporary browser is not a necessity for a long time. Especially if you’re just playing videos and staying away from the relics of flash in-browser games.

Now, we must also stress the importance of not installing third-party flash players from unknown sources which will occasionally come your way. They bring a lot of security risks and, therefore, are not welcome in your system.

The Flash Player comes pre-installed on all major browsers and all you need to do is confirm it’s enabled. Although Mozilla works without a flash player from the get-go, you can install it from the official website.

Don’t forget to close the browser beforehand. Here’s how to check that on Chrome and Edge:

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3-dots menu and open Settings.
  3. Search for Flash and open Content settings.
  4. Choose Flash and confirm the Ask first option is enabled.enable flash in Chrome

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Click on the 3-dots menu and open Settings.
  3. Choose Advanced.
  4. Toggle on the Use Adobe Flash Player option.enable flash in Edge

3. Confirm that the website is allowed to use flash content

Back in the days, only a scarce number of alternative browsers was security/privacy oriented.

Nowadays, even Google Chrome will block a lot of content from various intrusive third-party websites, and revamped Firefox Quantum seems to be all about that.

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So, depending on your configuration, the flash content (including videos), might get blocked.

If that happened, you can use our excellent guide to unblock Adobe Flash content in Edge, Goole Chrome, and Firefox.

In addition, the most popular extensions are ad and tracker blockers, and they might prevent all kinds of webpage content from loading.

Thus, disabling temporary (or whitelisting) a third-party website in order to play videos isn’t a bad idea.

Furthermore, you can try and disable web-security applications as they might block it as well and cause the Flash version 10.1 or greater is required error.

In order to confirm that a certain website has permissions to play flash, navigate to the website where the error occurred, click on the padlock icon in the Address bar and open Site settings. Then click on Allow Flash and try again.

4. Clear Browser cache

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Delete to open the Clear browsing data menu.
  2. Select All time as the time range.
  3. Focus on deleting Cookies, Cached Images and Files, and other site data.
  4. Click on the Clear Data button.clear Chrome cache

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  3. Check all the boxes and click Clear.clear Edge cache

The pilled-up cache might cause all kinds of issues. Even though it usually works in your favor by caching websites and speeding up the loading speed, it should be cleared from time to time.

Especially since websites change over time and the current version might not correspond properly with the cached version your browser stored.

Clearing cache is simple, but we encourage you to avoid clearing saved passwords and credentials if you’re not sure.

5. Reinstall the browser

Finally, if none of these steps helped, we suggest uninstalling the browser and deleting all the stored data from the local storage.

After that, you can safely install it again and, hopefully, avoid further issues with the Flash version 10.1 or greater is required error. You can also try an alternative browser, as even some stable versions have issues.

Until they resolve them or for that particular task, you can switch to Firefox from Chrome, or even give Edge a shot. It might pay off.

With that said, we can conclude this article. In case you have any additional questions, suggestions, or explanations, feel free to share them with other readers in the comments section below.

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