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Some users have posted on Google and Mozilla forums about Gmail‘s buttons not showing or working. Those users can’t see all the buttons they’re supposed to in Gmail, or some of the buttons don’t work when they click them. Here are some potential resolutions for fixing Gmail’s buttons.

How Can Users Fix Gmail Buttons?

1. Reset the Network

  1. Some users have confirmed that they’ve fixed Gmail buttons not showing by resetting their networks. Users can do that in Win 10 by pressing the Windows key + S hotkey.
  2. Enter the keyword ‘network reset’ in the search box.
  3. Click Network reset to open the window shown directly below.Network reset option gmail buttons not showing
  4. Then press the Reset now button.

2. Reset the Browser to its Default Settings

  1. Resetting a browser will clear is cache and turn off or remove extensions, which might help fix Gmail‘s buttons. Users can reset Google Chrome by entering ‘chrome://settings/’ in the browser’s URL bar and pressing Enter.
  2. Then scroll down the Settings page, and click the Advanced button.
  3. Scroll down to Restore settings to their original defaults, and click that option.The Restore settings to defaults option gmail buttons not showing
  4. Then select the Reset settings button to confirm.

3. Check the Button Label Setting

  1. Some users who can’t see icons for buttons below Gmail‘s search box might need to adjust the Button labels setting. To do that, click Gmail‘s Settings button.The Settings button gmail buttons not showing
  2. Select Settings on the menu to open the General tab.
  3. Then scroll to the Button labels option shown directly below.The Button labels options gmail buttons not showing
  4. Click the Icons radio button if Text is selected.
  5. Then press the Save Changes button.

4. Select the Default Gmail Theme

  1. Some users have said they’ve fixed missing Gmail buttons by restoring Gmail‘s default theme. Click the Settings button in Gmail.
  2. Then select Themes to open the Pick your theme window in the snapshot directly below.The Pick your theme window gmail buttons not showing
  3. Select the Default theme there.
  4. Then click the Save button.

5. Open Gmail in Basic HTML View

Gmail has a Basic HTML View for browsers that it doesn’t support. Gmail’s buttons might be ok in Basic HTML View. So, try switching to Basic HTML View by opening this Google page. Then select the I’d like to use HTML Gmail option.

The HTML Gmail option gmail buttons not showing

6. Open Gmail in Another Browser

Users might find that alternative browsers display Gmail’s buttons without any issues. So, try opening Gmail in another browser. That won’t fix the issue for the original browser, but users can at least still utilize Gmail if the buttons are ok in other browsers. Gmail supports the latest versions of Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Browser logos gmail buttons not showing

The resolutions above have fixed Gmail buttons for some users. Remember that Gmail users can also open their emails within client software, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, that can be better alternatives to the Google web app. So, it’s not essential to utilize the Gmail web app.



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