Gujarati Typing Software: 5 Best to Use in 2023

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English to Gujarati typing software
There are many Gujarati speaking people who may look for a way to type in Gujarati on their systems. While Windows offers support for multiple languages, not many are aware of how to use it. What they are missing is, how to enable integrated language support. Once that is done, users can also take advantage of the different keyboard layouts or Unicode fonts like Shruti. But those looking for advanced features like auto-completion, auto-correct, special characters, etc., would need to download a Gujarati typing software for Windows. Apart from Shruti fonts for Gujarati, there are quite a few other fonts that can be used to type Gujarati. However, since, Windows supports only Shruti font, users would need a separate English to Gujarati typing software. While the other Gujarati fonts may be rare, there is still some software that supports them. Here’s a quick list of some of the best Gujarati Typing software for Windows 10 for typing in Gujarati, proficiently.

Type Gujarati with these software solutions with ease

Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools gujarati typing software

Google Input Tool is a perfect typing utility for all those who wish to communicate in their preferred language from home or work. It offers support for a wide range of languages which includes Gujarati as well.

Any corrections made by the users are saved in its memory and maintained in its custom dictionary creating new and unusual names and words.

The program helps users to communicate in their preferred language and style. There are over 80 languages to choose from and the typing technique is equally easy as typing.

It now displays a demo link and alternative that helps the users to change the keyboard shortcut. Users can also change the keyboard shortcuts using the Keyboard Shortcuts settings page of the Chrome extension.

Price: free

Use Google Input Tool


LipiKaar gujarati typing software

LipiKaar is a popular typing method that enables users to type in Gujarati with the help of the standard English keyboard. It’s a responsive tool that’s straightforward and easy to use.

While it helps users to type in Gujarati and create word documents, it also enables them to create presentations, Excel sheets, and even write emails in Gujarati. It requires no keyboard stickers, neither does it require the users to be proficient in English.

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The program works on some easy to follow rules that let you type words correctly. Users can type even the most complex words easily with this program.

It’s a lot different from transliteration as it provides full control to users on typing. Made for business use, Lipikaar is compatible with all Windows versions.

Price: free trial available; pro version starts from Rs. 299/month

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Gujarati Typing

Gujarati Typing gujarati typing software

Gujarati Typing is a website that allows users to download the Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout. They can also choose to download the Hindi phonetic layout if required.

Users can also get the most out of the software by downloading the free Gujarati Unicode fonts and also for Hindi. Shruti and Mangal fonts belong to the Windows package and so, these can’t be downloaded separately.

The Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout makes it extremely convenient for the users to type in Gujarati on the English keyboard. The software also offers the Gujarati phonetic key mappings for Mac OS X as well.

The website lists all the Gujarati fonts from where the users can download them for Word document and other applications.

Price: free

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NHM Writer

NHM Writer gujarati typing software

NHM Writer is another great Gujarati writing software for Windows 10 that offers support to write in more than 10 languages. It currently supports even the Tamil Brahmi varieties as well.

What’s interesting is, users can type smoothly in MS office programs using Windows Text services. It’s free software that’s also free of any malware and can be downloaded easily from the library.

For beginners, it offers a context-sensitive key preview and on-screen keyboard. While typing in Gujarati, the “backspace” can be used as Undo that also ensures speed.

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It comes in a compact form as the installation package is of mere 1MB, thereby, taking up minimum space of the system. It’s compatible with all working versions of Windows and can be installed on 32-bit platforms.

It’s also compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE, and more.

Price: free

Get NHM Writer

Gujarati Lexicon

Gujarati Lexicon gujarati typing software

Gujarati lexicon is a website that’s specially dedicated to the Gujarati language. It’s basically a resource bank of more than 45 lakh words. The entire vision of the website is to popularize the language using the power of information technology.

Those who are interested in the Gujarati language can improve their vocabulary, read rare literature, or even enjoy literature using this website.

One of its sub-categories is the Gujarati Writing Pad that allows the users to write in Gujarati. Users can also switch from Gujarati to the English language based on their requirements.

The best part is, users can type the Gujarati words in English and it automatically gets converted to Gujarati fonts. It also allows users to choose from different styles, paragraphs, font family, and fonts.

Export the document, get a print, send an email, or recommend directly through the tool using the small icons placed on top of it.

Price: free

Use Gujarati lexicon

Final Words

With so many language specialty websites, typing in Gujarati is no more a challenge. Simply download one of the best Gujarati typing software for Windows 10 from the above list, and start creating your Gujarati documents easily and efficiently.


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