You can now install Adobe Fresco on your Windows 10 PC

Claudiu Andone
by Claudiu Andone
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  • Fresco, the drawing and painting up from Adobe was initially designed for touch screen devices like Microsoft Surface.
  • Adobe released a version available for all the Windows 10 devices running version 1903 or later.
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Adobe is most famous to the general public for the Acrobat Reader and Photoshop. However, they also have another drawing and painting app that is growing more successful by the day.

Adobe Fresco was created with stylus and touch devices in mind and it first came out for the Apple iPad.

Back in November 2019, Adobe launched the app for Microsoft Surface devices. They were technically Windows devices but now, the app is expanding to all Windows 10 devices.

To be exact, that means it’s also available for your Windows 10 laptop or PC running version 1903 or later. Your computer will also need to have DirectX 12.1 to download the Adobe app.

What are the new features of Adobe Fresco?

Adobe not only brought the app to your friendly PC but also introduced some new features like a Clipping Masks tool a Brushes Management tool to name the most important.The Clipping Masks Tool is a feature that makes it a lot easier to clip one or more layers to another layer or layer group.Here’s a clip from Adobe that shows you exactly how to use the new Clipping Mask feature.

Brushes Management feature was needed because you have a lot of brushes to choose from and this is a new way of setting up a personalized set of brushes.

Another interesting new feature is the Brush Stamp Preview that helps you know exactly how much area you will be covered with the stamp.

It’s a simple indicator for Photoshop, Pixel, and Eraser brushes that will appear when you touch the screen with a stylus or finger.

How can I download the new Adobe Fresco for Windows 10?

You can download Adobe Fresco for your Windows 10 computer directly from Adobe’s website. We also have to mention that the app is free and we already installed it.

If you installed it, please leave us your feedback in the Comments section below.