Windows 10 KB4025342 bugs: Slow boot up, Edge shuts down, and more

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The Windows 10 version 1703 cumulative update brings a bevy of fixes and improvements that make the OS more stable and reliable. At the same time, update KB4025342 also brings issues of its own.

Windows 10 KB4025342 reported bugs

KB4025342 won’t install

Many Creators Update users can’t install KB4025342. Oftentimes, the install process fails on restart or get stuck in an install loop.

Download KB4025342 for windows 10 version 1703 failed many times. Tried trouble shooter and loading update from catalogue. Nothing worked.  Help

Long boot up times

If your PC needs about 10 minutes to boot up after installing this update, you’re not he only one:

Installed update KB4025342 automatically through Windows Update on July 12. Noticed extremely long boot up times of the order of 10 mins for a laptop that normally gets to desktop in under 1 min. Repeatedly happened over several shut downs and boot ups. So I uninstalled the update and PC is back to normal. 

Microsoft Edge randomly shuts down

Windows 10 users also report that Edge randomly flickers and then closes. It seems this issue only affects Microsoft Edge as other browsers work fine.

When launching Edge it flickers then shuts down automatically […]. I have also tried removing both update but then when rebooting it re-installed automatically – I had no success with any of the above, HELP

Windows 10 fails to detect connected devices

After updating to KB4025342 my network no longer shows the correct attached devives under windows explorer network. The masterbrowser shows the network devices but subsidiary computers on the network show nothing.

It appears the only way to fix this problem is to uninstall the update.

Windows Store won’t install or update apps

I have a notebook with 32 GB SSD running Win10 creators update. Installing or updating any apps and games to Sdcard was working perfectly for 7 months until Windows installed KB4025342 update. Store fails to install or update apps on sdcard with an error code (0x8007000b). […] The only way to fix is uninstall KB4025342 update from your PC

These are the most frequent bugs reported by users after installing KB4025342. Have you encountered other issues after installing this update? Let us know in the comments below!



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