KB4495666 install takes too long or triggers blank screen errors

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KB4495666 bugs

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Microsoft pushed a series of new cumulative updates to Windows 10 computers on April 2019 Patch Tuesday. The company has not released any new features focusing entirely on fixing the existing bugs.

However, as always, KB4495666 brought more bugs than users expected.

Let’s have a look at some of the major issues that have been reported by Windows 10 users so far. 

KB4495666 issues

1. Users couldn’t enable .NET environment

Windows 10 1903 users are turning to Microsoft’s forums to report that.NET framework was disabled and 90% of applications failed to run on their systems.

Users couldn’t fix the .NET environment issue even after reverting to a previous build. This issue is believed to be reintroduced with the cumulative update as it also affected a previous OS version. 

2. Blank screen issues

KB4495666 sometimes triggered blank screen issues soon after users clicked the “Update and restart” option. 

3. GUI issues

Other users confirmed that a couple of GUI issues that were initially planted by the previous builds still exist after the installation of KB4495666. Here’s how one user describes this issue:

a. winkey+tab jutter when resizing the windows
b. action centre doesn’t fade the acrylic blur when opening
c. opening start then searching doesn’t have an animation now that the search/start/cortana have been separated.

4. Install takes too long

A few users also reported that the installation and configuration process of this update took longer than usual. Some of them stated that their systems had to go through two reboots during the installation process.

Users were of the opinion the problem might be caused by the old graphics drivers installed on their PCs.

I installed it and Windows will not load now. Been on the spinning circle for hours.

5. Performance issues during gaming sessions

The installation of update seems to be disastrous for the gaming community. As a matter of fact, one user reported getting severe FPS drops (from 50 to 15-20) in various games right after updating his system.

Everything was working just fine before the installation of this update. It is really disappointing for Windows users. 

6. Slight system delays

Another user reported that he noticed a slight delay while working on his system. Whether when typing or using the mouse scroll button, each action takes a few seconds to complete. However, this seems to be an issue with corrupted Windows profiles.

7. 0x800f08 error

Last but not least, some users who tried to upgrade their systems were bombarded with 0x800f08 errors. He was not able to resolve the bug even after resetting Windows update.



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