Microsoft Quantum Network pushes forward quantum computing research

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft officially announced its Microsoft Quantum Network recently at its inaugural Startup Summit. The Startup Summit event was organized at Microsoft’s headquarters and was attended by the representatives of the 16 startups.

The tech giant used the platform to demonstrate its quantum-related technologies.

The network is basically a community of organizations and individuals that collaborate with each other globally to enhance quantum computing. 

As far as AI and modelling are concerned, Quantum computing aims to beat all the conventional solutions that are available so far.

Due to its unique capabilities, Microsoft is interested to be a pioneer in developing quantum applications and a scalable quantum computer. 

Network Partnerships with HQS & Rahko

Microsoft took advantage of the platform to announce the partnership with two new companies, Rahko and HQS Quantum Simulations.

The quantum machine-learning company Rahko is known for developing scalable quantum chemistry solutions that are specific to the quantum computers. The second one HSQ has established itself for developing quantum algorithms.

These algorithms are developed for the prediction of molecular properties for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 

There is a difference between classical computing and quantum computing. It uses Quantum bits to efficiently perform complex computations. It excels traditional computers by solving a lot more complex problems. 

The company plans to enhance collaboration between the renowned quantum computing experts that are working all over the world. 

Last year the Redmond giant has been working hard in the field of quantum computing. As part of its Quantum Development Kit the company has released a new programming language named Q#.

This language has been specifically developed for quantum workloads. Microsoft has also collaborated with academic institutions and researchers.

Initially, the company plans to use Microsoft Azure for offering quantum computing.

It’s worth mentioning that based on the specific customer needs, the technology will allow the users to switch quantum computing and traditional computing.

Visit Microsoft’s official site if you are interested in exploring in details regarding the Microsoft Quantum Network. 

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