Minesweeper displays annoying video ads in Windows 10

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This is the title of a new and more or less funny Reddit thread that announces the “big” news. Redditors are asking themselves why is there a premium version of Minesweeper even entailed. Someone says that this whole thing reminds them of their Sprint voicemail.

I had ads on my first party voicemail app. I was 99% sure my phone was infected with malware or something. Nope, pay sprint more money to get rid of em,” the user writes highlighting the fact that this is not even sarcasm. The same person also wrote that he was genuinely surprised that one of the major companies was able to pull such a thing and he could see some companies pulling such a shady thing but not Sprint.

Users are ready  to drop Windows altogether

Another Redditor noted that the same thing happened with Solitaire and added: “Never mind the fact they are now charging for things that have been free for nearly 20 years, they expect you to pay a monthly subscription fee to remove ads.”

In this whole discussion there’s also a government worker involved who said that at work they have Windows 10 Enterprise, and he just saw an ad on their desktop for “some sort of game” and told his colleagues that the IT people would start “having a cow” if more and more people would click on the ads.

Anyway, this will obviously upset people, and if Microsoft keeps doing this, it will push users away.

One Redditor’s conclusion is that the next logical step is to display ads in Windows Explorer and charge a monthly fee to make them disappear. Another Redditor also came with a conclusion saying that “And that inevitable moment there, is when I hope everyone switches to Linux.” We believe that no more comments are needed.



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