How to move a fullscreen game to other monitor

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How can I move a fullscreen game to other monitor
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If you spend time with your computer working, and also enjoy playing games at the same time, then definitely the thought of how to move a fullscreen game to the other monitor would have crossed your mind.

However, when any game of your desired choice is launched. The automatic display default setting is set to play on the primary monitor. If you choose to move a fullscreen game to the other monitor, I suggest you follow the steps below.

How to move a fullscreen game to other monitor?

1. How to play a game on one monitor and browse on the other

1.1 Use DisplayFusion

Playing a game on one monitor and browsing on the other monitor has its perks. But, if you want to be able to do this a lot easier, we recommend that you use the amazing Display Fusion software.

DisplayFusion is a light-weight application that impresses with its wide range of features, and also the easy to understand user interface.

This software will enable you to play games and browse on two different monitors at the same time without any problems.

If you want to skip the detailed steps we describe below and set up your multiple monitors easily and in a short amount of time, download the DisplayFusion app.



Try out this software if you want to customize the way you use your dual-monitor setup with just a few clicks of the mouse.

1.2 Move the Steam game to other monitors

To move a Steam game to another monitor, there are a few options available for you to try out:

  • Start the game in windowed mode, and then simply drag-and-drop it on the screen you want.
  • Modify the Windows display settings, and set your second monitor as the primary monitor:
  1. Right-click your desktop and choose Display Settings.
  2. Click the Identify button to observe how the displays are numbered.
  3. Scroll down to the Multiple-display section and click on the drop-down list.
  4. Choose the number of the monitor identified in the steps before (the display you want your game to be on).

1.3 How to move League of Legends to another monitor

Just like most popular games, League of Legends can be played on a secondary screen monitor. Use the steps below.

  1. Launch League of Legends
  2. Navigate to Display/Video Settings.
  3. Confirm if the game comes with a Display Mode option feature.
  4. If so, click the drop-down menu and choose the Windowed Mode.move-a-fullscreen-game-to-other-monitor-move-league
  5. Next, drag the game window interface to your preferred monitor.
  6. Change the preferred monitor to primary, and set as priority.

Note: For a more detailed guide on this subject, find out how to make games open on different monitors.

2. Set the second monitor as the primary monitor

  1. Plug the second monitor to your computer.
  2. Next, hit the windows key to go to the Windows Start Menu, type Display Settings in the windows search dialogue box. move-a-fullscreen-game-to-other-monitor-set-secondary-monitor
  3. Proceed by choosing Display Settings when the search result appears.
  4. The Display Settings window will open next, scroll till you find Multiple Displays, and select the second monitor.move-a-fullscreen-game-to-other-monitor-multi-screen
  5. When you select the second monitor, a checkbox will appear labeled to Make this my main display.
  6. Ensure you select the checkbox to finish up the procedure.

3. How to move the mouse to a second monitor in-game

When you are done connecting the monitor and moving the game to the primary screen. You will also find the need to use a mouse. follow steps below to move your mouse to the second monitor in-game.

  1. Ensure that the second monitor is still plugged in.
  2. Also, make sure the game is launched and ready.
  3. Next, move the cursor towards the direction of the gaming screen until it pops into the screen.
  4. When that is done, the cursor will disappear from the secondary and appear on the primary gaming screen.

Multi-screen setups are very popular nowadays, and one of the best ways to enjoy playing full-screen games, and running a different task is by using a second monitor. In this article, we went through the methods of moving a game and mouse cursor to the second monitor.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with the information provided here. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The easiest way to customize your monitor setup in any way you desire is to download the useful DisplayFusion application.

  • A second monitor will only affect your FPS while gaming if you’re running big applications that require the use of a lot of the RAM. Find out how to optimize your RAM easily.

  • Some people love using dual monitors while gaming and others don’t find it useful at all. Check out our recommendations for the best gaming monitors on the market, and see for yourself.

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