Best NES Emulator for Windows 7 [Out of 10 Tested]

Relive your childhood experiences with these great emulators

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  • NES emulators allow users to play their favorite Nintendo games on a computer.
  • There are a plethora of available options, but not all deliver the perfect gaming experience.
  • Check our list of the best NES emulators for Windows 7, and download one today!
check the best NES emulators for Windows 7

Nintendo games used to be our favorite back in the 90s, but the consoles slowly phased out. Yet the old-timers managed to play their favorite titles using an NES Emulator. And we will help you find the best NES Emulator for Windows 7.

An emulator shouldn’t just be able to run the game, but it should do so seamlessly without any glitches and offer a thrilling experience. And that’s why you should choose only the best NES emulator for Windows 7.

Are NES emulators any good?

Though a common notion amongst many that NES emulators don’t offer the same experience as the console, the modern emulators are at par and just as good. Here are some of the features that most emulators offer:

  • Controller support – Almost all the best NES emulators for Windows 7 allow users to connect a controller and enhance the fun.
  • Customizations – The ability to customize settings and appearance ensures that users get a personalized experience and can enjoy gaming to the fullest.
  • Full-screen capabilities Some NES emulators only work in windowed mode, while the recent ones offer full-screen capabilities.

What are the best NES emulators for Windows 7?

FCEUX – The best option

One of the best emulators for Windows 7, FCEUX, offers the most thrilling experience to Nintendo lovers. It offers more features than most of the other emulators here combined and is the first choice of gamers.

It’s an open-source emulator with cross-compatibility, support for third-party plug-ins, a wide array of customizations, and the ability to use a controller, amongst others.

If this is the first time you are downloading an emulator, it’s recommended to go with FCEUX, one of the best options available. Apart from Windows, FCEUX also works on macOS and Linux.

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Nesbox – Great for online gaming

nesbox best nes emulator for windows 7

Nesbox is undoubtedly one of the best NES emulators in Windows 7 and can be accessed via the web. All you need to do is log in with the OneDrive account and have the ROM file ready.

Nesbox is compatible with a gamepad and allows users to save their progress to OneDrive, in addition to supporting multiplayer with the use of two controllers. Also, it offers support to GENESIS, SNES, ADVANCE, and GAMEBOY.

Get Nesbox

Nestopia UE – A true upgrade

Nestopia UE is another popular NES emulator that has been a favorite amongst gamers. Since support for its previous version ended quite a while ago, the developers came up with Nestopia UE, an emulator capable of running almost every game developed for NES.

It offers a straightforward UI that is easily customizable as per individual preferences, the option to map keys, and allows users to record gameplay with the built-in dedicated tool.

Get Nestopia UE

VirtuaNES – A feature-loaded emulator

virtuanes best nes emulator for windows 7

Though unsupported, the VirtuaNES emulator is still the preferred choice for Nintendo lovers. The emulator allows a range of customizations, provides gamepad and joystick support, and has full-screen capabilities.

Also, it offers support for the Cheat Code Mode, a feature that even some of the best seem to lack. If you are looking for a reliable NES emulator for Windows 7, VirtuaNES will be a good choice.

Get VirtuaNES

jNES – Quick and straightforward

The jNES emulator is one of the more straightforward options for those who are not a pro with installation and other intricate aspects. It’s quite simple to run, though don’t expect a feature-loaded experience.

Besides, the jNES emulator allows users to control the screen size, connect their gamepad, and adjust the sound setting. Some reported that it’s a little hard on the resources and has higher requirements than the other options, but that’s all worth the experience.

Get jNES

These are some of the best NES emulators for Windows 7, and all these are good enough to deliver a gripping and fascinating experience. So, choose the one that best matches your requirements.

Also, before you leave, find out the best all-in-one emulators to play all the retro games.

Tell us which emulator you went with, in the comments section below.

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