5 best network log file analysis tools [Monitoring solutions]

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  • Log analysis tools help you monitor your network to review system logs and prevent any issues that may occur in the future.
  • You can choose from a system-based offline and cloud-based log analysis tool depending on your network infrastructure requirement.
  • Ability to collect log, centralize and index data, search and filter functionality and live alert features are the things to consider when deciding on a log analysis software.
  • Read through the article to find the best log analysis software and tailor-made solutions for your IT network.

Keeping your IT infrastructure up and running requires constant vigilance.

It is achieved with the help of network management solutions, including network log file analysis tools.

Log analysis tools help you make better sense of the data generated and saved in the log file.

Network log file analysis tools can simplify complex data and show them in graphic display formats.

Visualized performance data offered by log analysis tools is easier to comprehend than sifting through the text-based information directly.

This article lists the best network log file analysis tools to help you monitor your network to spot performance issues before they occur.

What are the best network log file analysis tools?

PRTG Network Monitor

network log file analysis tools

PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one network monitoring solution that also offers a syslog analyzer to manage your system messages effectively.

It can detect potential issues quickly and send alerts before the issue arises, analyze system messages on one central syslog server and effectively manage your network.

PRTG Network Monitor’s syslog analyzer protocols provide a wide range of system information. It gathers and processes the log information of your network device.

You can customize the warning system to send SNMP traps and syslog messages to inform system administrators.

Key features of PRTG Network Monitor:

  • Offers an overview of incoming system messages 
  • Automatic notifications when an error occurs via email, SMS, and external program
  • Provides a wide range of system information 
  • Detects loopholes quickly and sends alerts 
PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Maintain an efficient overview about the details of your network with this powerful software today.

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network log file analysis tools

Whether your data is in structured JSON or plain text, Logentries offers immediate search, visualization, monitoring, and API options.

All the log data can be quickly sent to this network log file analysis tool to organize logs from servers, applications, routers, containers, and more in one central location.

Logentries comes with powerful analytics functions. The robust visualization allows you to analyze log data with line graphs, bar charts, multi-line reports, and more.

It also supports third-party exporting, live monitoring, anomaly detection, interactive alerts, and API support.

Key features of Logentries:

  • Live log management and analytics solutions 
  • Support all the data formats with instant centralization 
  • Powerful analytics tools, robust visualization, and live monitoring support 
  • API support for Rest Query API and User Management API

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network log file analysis tools

Graylog is a log management solution that offers seamless log data collection, faster analysis and offers insights to help you determine the cause and rectify the error before it occurs.

You can combine, enrich, correlate, query, and visualize all your log data in one place.

Graylog’s security solution can help you identify & stop threats, make audits to meet compliance, prevent downtime for IT operations and eliminate complexity for developers and IT administrators.

From gaining insight into your data by building and combining multiple searches for customized analysis and report and building complex alerts based on a relationship between multiple events or even missing events, Graylog helps you explore your data with ease.

Key features of Graylog:

  • Excellent log analysis and management solution for DevOps
  • Threat-hunting and root cause analysis workflow with chain queries 
  • Multithreaded and distributed search workflow 
  • Customizable and complex alerts for multiple events 

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Datadog Log Analysis

network log file analysis tools

Datadog Log Analysis allows you to seamlessly analyze logs from your critical applications and services to increase troubleshooting efficiency.

IT admins can visualize and explore collected logs using intuitive, facet-driven navigation designed for outage responders and seamless connect logs with host metrics and application data.

You can discover log patterns and errors rapidly without requiring to investigate and every log file.

Create log analytics dashboards with Datadog’s dashboard builder, and analyze all your logs even if you don’t know the query language.

Key features of Datadog Log Analysis:

  • Discover and analyze log patterns and eros rapidly without requiring to investigate individual log file 
  • Real-time monitoring, dynamic index filters, history archive 
  • Smart alerts powered by machine learning 
  • Quickly navigate and troubleshoot issues 

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Logsene by Sematext

network log file analysis tools

Logsene by Sematext is a popular log management and analysis software for IT operations and development teams.

Being a part of Sematext Logs, it offers secure and scalable monitoring solutions with features like centralized logging, customizable alerts, log security, and multi-user RBAC support.

Logsene supports over 75 services and allows you to combine metrics, logs, and real user monitoring from a single dashboard.

The powerful searching and filtering feature allows you to use query and filter to analyze log data with fast search to detect and fix issues. 

Key features of Logsene by Sematext:

  • Powerful search and filtering for easy threat detection 
  • Integration support with over 75 services 
  • Mult-user Role-Based Access Control 
  • Real-time monitoring with Live trail 

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The right network log file analysis tools can help you maintain an overview of the system messages sent by the network devices continuously via Syslog.

Only then can you quickly spot and fix any issues detected by the system before the network is compromised.

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