Best Pregnancy Apps to download on Windows 10/11, 8

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Young parents with a Windows 10, 8 tablet can download Windows 10, 8 apps that will help them to manage easier the beautiful time of pregnancy. Technology has evolved quite a lot and these days we can use our Windows 10, 8 devices to help us with pregnancy needs especially of the mothers.
windows 8 pregnancy apps
Technology is already deeply embedded inside our lives, so we must embrace it and accept this fact. Yes, even such a gentle and special time of your life – the pregnancy, especially if you are a woman, can be better understood and analyzed with the right technological tools. There are plenty of Android and iOS pregnancy apps and with the launch of Windows 10, 8 and launch of Windows 10, 8 tablet apps, we have seen pregnancy apps getting released in the Windows Store, as well. We have handpicked what we think are 4 of the best, but if you happen to know another worthy one, let us know in the comments field at the end of the article.

Take care of your pregnancy with these Windows 10, 8 apps

1. Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy

mayo windows 8 pregnancy app

Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy is one of the best Windows 10, 8 apps to look after pregnancy, and it also offers tips on how to look after your baby’s first three months. To start enjoying the features and advices of the app, you will have to input the baby birth’s date and then the app will start offering relevant advices. What’s really useful is that you will also be guided during the postpartum period, which we know can be difficult for mothers. The app comes with valuable knowledge as to how your body and your baby evolves, as well as explanation to various pregnancy ailments.

The app also comes with plenty other useful features, such as medications and immunizations, lifestyle techniques to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, nutrition tips, prenatal care, images and slide shows to understand better the miracle of pregnancy, the option to make your very own blog and to ask the May Clinic directly about any concern that you might have.

UPDATE: The app is no longer available in the Microsoft Store.

2. Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide

parents windows 8 pregnancy apps

Windows 10, 8 app Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide is really useful as it comes with a week-by-week guide for those expecting the baby. You will be getting useful advices from the moment when you realize that you are expecting a baby until that happy moment. The app is fully synchronized with Windows 10, 8.1, so it comes with calendar integration, article and photo sharing, snap view, larger live tiles and larger images in portrait mode, which are really nice features, indeed.

Besides prenatal care related to your baby and yourself, you will be getting plenty of useful and accurate guidance on how to prepare for your breastfeeding and many other important post-natal tips. By using this app you will learn more about your baby – such details as: is he eating enough, how to comfort the crying baby, how to cope with the pain of teething? The app is free to use which is perhaps its biggest feature.

3. Pregnancy Plus

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pregnancy plus windows 8 app

Pregnancy Plus is yet another pregnancy app that you really need to download and install on your Windows 10, 8 apps, especially as it comes with daily information, and not weekly. The app also comes with more than 1000 baby names, so it also can help you find the baby name you were looking for. There are plenty awesome features inside the app, such as beautiful colour and 2D ultrasound images, diet, exercise and medical advice  and even features to be able to track your health and weight.

There are even advices on how you prepare yourself for labour as well as baby shopping list and doctor appointments logs. Some awesome features that only this app has are the kick counter and the contraction timer, and I am sure that if you are a parent waiting for the baby to come, you will be interested in such features.

4. Pregnancy Pal

Pregnancy Pal is another useful app that helps you keep track of what’s happening with your baby as your pregnancy evolves. There is also a countdown to your due date, as well as details about your baby’s development.

The app also features a Feeding Journal that helps you to often keep track of how much your baby is taking. You can filter the data by feeding method and date. In case you’re not sure what name to pick for your baby, there is a list of over 5000 baby names for both boys and girls that you can choose from.

Did we miss any app? Let us know in the comments below.