5 woman calendar software to track your fertility in 2018

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Ladies, if you and bae are trying to conceive, and you’re tired of marking off dates on a physical calendar, your cries have been heard.

Woman calendar software is the right tool to help you calculate fertility, check and track your regular period and ovulation, on a digital (mobile) platform.

This software simply uses your menstrual cycle information to calculate your fertility. All you do is enter your menstrual cycle dates from the first to the last, including luteal phase length, then create a calendar to start viewing, checking and tracking your fertility.

With woman calendar software, you no longer need a physical calendar to add check off marks. You can bookmark your calendar for present and future reference, as long as you don’t forget the start date of your last menstrual period.

This software may then assist you to conceive, avoid unwanted pregnancy by indicating the days you need to be abstinent, or if you like, conceive a girl or boy.

Here are the top 5 woman calendar software tools you can use by yourself or with your partner.

Best woman calendar software to get today

  1. LadyTimer
  2. Fertility Friend
  3. Eovulation
  4. JX Lab
  5. Fertility Calendar (EOS Consulting)

1. Ladytimer

woman calendar software

This is a woman calendar software that tracks and predicts menstrual cycle days, and helps women get pregnant, or avoid unwanted pregnancy.

It is easy to use, is best used for irregular periods, and accessible on any device or computer.

Features include accurate ovulation forecast with its advanced prediction algorithms, ovulation calendar options such as symptoms, moods, weight, and temperature, reminders for period, ovulation and medical exams, fertility calendar with temperature charts, menstrual period history, pregnancy mode, and automatic backup and sync.

You can actually forecast the baby’s sex – girl or boy – plus engage chat and direct messaging with other Ladytimer users, track intimacy, get reminders to take your birth control pills, share your data with your doc or partner, and use the ovulation calculator that has a cervical mucus tracker so you know exactly where you’re at.

All you do is track your start period date monthly, then it calculates the cycle for you. You can also key in your morning body temperature or ovulation tests and mucus for precise fertility tracking.

Get Ladytimer

Get the browser version of the app

2. Fertility Friend

woman calendar software

This woman calendar software helps moms to be observe and jot down signs of fertility, thus predicting the best days for conceiving or taking a pregnancy test altogether.

You can get it for free, though it comes with a $45 annual premium membership with access to message boards, and quality features such as intercourse timing analyzer, plus updated and detailed analyses of your fertility signs that may lead to pregnancy.

Since its inception in 1998, Fertility Friend boasts over 15 years of experience and more than 650000 pregnancies and counting, making it the pioneer in fertility charting.

It is super accurate, empowers you to know your body better, and provides privacy and clarity with web access.

Features include a Fertility Chart (or Basal Body Temperature chart) that observes and records your fertility signs which you can see in your daily status and know your most fertile times. What makes it work better is your body’s cues that show your status throughout your cycle.

You also get simple educational videos and in-depth resources so you can understand your body signals and fertility better.

It assesses the data you enter for signs of ovulation, pregnancy, and your most fertile days. It also suggests the best test date to minimize your wait, and help avoid the disappointment of early testing.

The calendar is color coded and has a custom chart based on your own fertility, plus you can see your timing and how all the signs come together in an ultra-precise and reliable platform.

Get Fertility Friend

3. Eovulation

woman calendar software

This is a woman calendar software that promises to help you get pregnant faster, using natural birth control method to calculate safe days, with an unconditional, no questions asked money-back policy within 60 days of getting the software.

Features include ovulation day prediction, safe days calculation, color-coded ovulation chart that displays most fertile and safe days, password protection for user profiles, calculation of the most probable conception days for either sex of the baby, basal body temperature charting, and tracking of premenstrual syndrome.

You can also get optional daily notes with alerts and reminders, and make your personal ovulation into a live desktop wallpaper with this woman calendar software.

Get Eovulation

4. JX Lab

woman calendar software

The JX woman calendar software is designed for any woman who is trying to conceive, avoid unwanted pregnancy or define the future child’s gender.

It calculates ovulation time so as to generate your personal menstrual cycle and fertility calendar.

Features include managing notes and personal profiles, menstrual cycle history, hand and easy adjustable interface, multilingual interface, support for XP themes, automatic startup on Windows, printing and ability to create print templates, and easy, quick installation.

You can use this woman calendar software to control your cycle on your mobile phone using the free JX ovulation calendar version for mobile phones.

Get JX Ovulation Calendar

5. Fertility Calendar (EOS Consulting)

This woman calendar software is available for download from Microsoft.

It helps you track and predict your ovulation cycle including your most fertile days of the month.

You can use it if you’re trying to conceive or avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Features include an easy to read calendar that displays your cycle and fertile days, prediction of your next cycle, adjustable period start date, cycle and period length, as well as your luteal phase duration.

It is also small in size so it won’t take up much space for just 1.2MB.

Get Fertility Calendar

Have you settled on which woman calendar you’d like to use to track your cycle and fertility? Share with us which one you’re ready to download and try by leaving a comment in the section below.



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