3 easy ways to remove sound from video in Windows 10

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Remove Sound From Video Windows 10

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Sometimes it is necessary to remove sound from video in Windows 10 — maybe you want to make the movie clear or desire to include your own track.

And while there are some superpower video editing programs purposed for this task like PowerDirector, some are so complex to use and thus a bit inconveniencing.

Well, for many years, Windows Movie Maker was the go-to app. for Windows users tired of noisy background sounds until Microsoft retired it. Sadly, despite it being a popular alternative because of its intuitive interface, the tech giant has so far failed to adequately replace it.

Fortunately, there are some lighter and friendlier third-party sound removal tools for video in windows 10. Not only do they mute any distracting sounds that get recorded when one is creating a movie with a camera but also allow you to insert matching sounds.

The other solution is to search for cloud-based audio removers.

Well, our team has been looking for the best ways to remove sound from video Windows 10 and have shortlisted several options.

Let’s me take you through them.

Is there a way to remove audio from videos? If you want to remove audio from a video, you can use VLC Media Player, Movavi Video Editor or Free Online Audio Remover. We’ll list the steps to follow below.

How do I remove audio from a video?

Method 1: Use VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the best free cross-platform multimedia players and will not just play most multimedia files but also comes with significant Video editing capabilities including an audio removal feature.

Downloading and invoking it in your Windows 10 PC should thus help.


  1. Download and install VLC media player from this link (Official download website).
  2. Open the VLC Player program.
  3. Click Media (as shown) then press Convert/Save.Remove Sound From Video Windows 10
  4. Click Add from the next screen.
  5. Navigate to the current location of the Video whose sound you want to remove. In my case, it’s in the Videos. Select it from wherever it is then Click Open.remove audio track from video

The Video is loaded ready for audio separation.

  1. Again click Convert/save.
  2. The video conversion Window then opens.
  3. Under the Profile section, Choose a suitable Output mode
  4. Now click on the Edit selected profileremove audio from video vlc

A plethora of options are now availed.

  1. Now, Under the Encapsulation tab, you select a Video container of choice. For example, I will pick the MP4/MOV since I am working on an MP4 Video.

remove audio from mp4 online free

You are free to select any other appropriate option depending on the type of video you are removing sound from.

  1. Moving on, now go to the Video codec tab and enable (simply check) the “Keep original video track” checkbox.remove audio from video movie maker
  2. Next head over to the Audio codec This time you will deactivate the Audio provision by deselecting it (see screenshot).how to remove sound from video iphone
  3. Save all these settings (Click save).
  4. It’s now time to choose where you want the new Video file saved. Click Browse next to the Destination File.
  5. Select the desired location, type a fitting File Name for this file and click Save.how to remove song from video
  1. You are almost done. But just before, click startremove sound from video windows 10
  2. The app. will now convert your original video and output it without the annoying sound.
  3. You can now open the new .ps file with VLC (or any other Video player) to confirm that the sound is gone.

Method 2: Use Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is another great video editing software especially for casual users who often require to split audio from video.

The program is straightforward (minimal learning involved) and pretty quick in doing its work. At $39.95, the price is quite reasonable considering its additional attributes like Video optimization.


  1. Download the Movavi Video Editor App from this link(Official website)
  2. Wait for the download to complete and Install the program by opening its setup file.
  3. Next, open the application itself. Select the “Create project in full feature mode” choice if prompted.
  4. Now click Add Media Files.remove sound from video windows 10
  5. Browse and choose the video from which you want to detach sounds and click Open. The video is instantly added to the app’s timeline (See mine in the lower part).How do I remove sound from a video on Windows?
  6. Right-click the clip then select detach Audio.How can I remove audio from a video?
  7. Now locate the original sound/audio track on the Timeline and press Remove (see the screenshot).

You will now notice that the Audio track is no longer available on the timeline.

  1. Now press Export and then Export Video.How do I remove audio from a video in Windows Media Player?
  2. Select the option that best fits your needs and click save. (For the full file, purchase the activation key).

Method 3: Use Free Online Audio Remover

There are a couple of free online services that allow users to eliminate audio from videos easily without re-encoding them.

One such tool is the audioremover.com.

What I love most about this handy online sound remover is that it’s so swift besides accepting multiple video file formats -MP4, AVI, and MOV included.

Note that this tool is for Videos not exceeding 500mbs.


  1. Go to the audioremover.com website.
  2. Click Browse to select the relevant video file.remove audio from mp4 online free
  3. Press the Upload VideoHow do I separate audio from video in Windows Live Movie Maker?
  4. Wait for the upload to finish (the speed depends on the size of the video and your bandwidth speed).
  5. Finally, Click the Download Button to access the clean Video.How can I edit the audio of a video?

That’s all.


Since the stoppage of Movie Maker, the best way to remove sound from video windows 10 is to rely on third-party applications or online applications.

That being said, we would recommend that you subscribe to professional video editing software if you want an all-powerful video editor.

In the meantime, VLC media player, and the cloud-hosted soundremover.com are super easy for hobbyists while the Movavi Video Editor can be a brilliant mid-range tool for Window 10 subscribers.



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