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If you love to sing, you’ve definitely had moments when you wished you could do away with the vocals so you could sing in your heart out in your own voice. But removing vocals from music tracks isn’t as easy to do, but it is doable either way.

While it may not be possible to completely remove vocals from songs due to elements such as frequency spectrum, stereo image separation, compression and other issues, with some little experimentation (and luck), plus audio of good quality, you can actually achieve good results.

It’s not easy to find instrumental or karaoke versions of the song you like or want, so you’re usually stuck with the full version plus all its vocals. So how do you convert it to karaoke version?

There’s no way to remove vocals from a song 100 percent, and the best vocal remover software that actually does this very well can cost you some money.

However, we’ve checked out some free and some premium software you can use with your digital audio library.

Remove vocals from audio tracks with these tools




best vocal remover software

This best vocal remover software is available and downloadable for free for Windows OS, and it gives you an easy way to reduce vocals on a digital audio track via audio canceling. This method scrubs away most vocals by splitting the music track into two, inverting one half, and switching the audio to mono.

Audacity is a popular editor with built-in support for vocal removal, which comes in handy if say the vocals are in the middle with instruments spread around, or if they’re in one channel and all else is in a different channel.

The option for vocal removal in this software is found in the Effect Menu, where you’ll find Vocal Remover, and the other option called Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

Download Audacity

UPDATE: Audacity released a new version of the tool replacing all previous versions. Audacity 2.3.0. brings new features that are very useful for removing vocals.


Phonic Mind

best vocal remover software

This is a vocal remover for music songs which lets you make karaoke out of any song using artificial intelligence – the first AI based vocal remover in the world that works! All you do is upload your music and voila.

You can extract vocals from any song and use it for your performance, or practice until perfection. If you have an instrument, you can remove the music and practice playing it, or even compose your own remixes.

This state of the art AI software understands music on a deep level and can outperform any human in source separation tasks. With deep learning, the AI is trained by listening to music daily at a speed of 20 minutes per second.

The software takes one minute to perform vocal removal after you upload your song, which is why this is the ultimate invention with no equal when it comes to vocal removal quality. Once the process is complete, you get the karaoke version with vocals removed, and vocals only version with music removed.

Get Phonic Mind


Adobe Audition


best vocal remover software

This tool lets you create a cappella tracks by removing instrumentals, or creates a karaoke track by removing vocals with its Center Channel Extractor effect.

It is part of the Adobe Audition Creative Cloud (CC) that’s incredibly powerful, with audio editing features plus multitrack recording and editing capabilities associated with DAW. The layout is intuitive, with a clean and customizable interface, plus the tool is impressive to handle any audio editing job type.

Adobe Audition lets you switch between different interface layouts, and if you have used its previous versions before, then you may have liked the classic layout but this can be returned via window preferences. What you can’t do is add or remove tools from your toolbar.

It also lets you record more than one audio source at once, tackle your multitrack recording project and record multiple audio sources simultaneously. It has a full digital mixer to adjust levels, panning and other parameters at once.

There are many effects this tool has that you can add to the audio as well, including delays, reverbs and distortion, or chain effects together. Additionally, there’s the batch processing tab for applying processes to multiple files in one sitting.

Get Adobe Audition




best vocal remover software

This free audio editor lets you edit MP3s and other audio files and remove vocals from the tracks. You can also cut and add tracks, edit batch files simultaneously, and generate audio from a line or mic with professional quality.

Once you import your audio file into this software, use the Voice Remover tool to process the file automatically. The results you get will vary due to the type of music used, how compressed it is, as well as the quality of the audio file or source.

Get Wavosaur


Karaoke Anything

best vocal remover software

This is a simple software that makes karaoke songs using the voice elimination method, which works with almost any type of song.

You can create karaoke (instrumental) tracks with MP3 files, but, this effect cannot be applied to stereo or mono recordings. It is a free programme that lets you remove any lyrics from any song you choose so you can sing your heart out wherever you choose.

It has a special equalizer that can minimize the vocals so that they’re not heard when music is played. It is very easy to do and people who use CDs can also extract music from the discs and extract the vocals.

Karaoke fans will find this software ideal, but not all songs work with this tool so some people may be disappointed and have to remove vocals on a different platform. it has a user-friendly interface, and you can preview music before you work on it, plus it has a play, pause and stop button.

Get Karaoke Anything!


Online Vocal Remover

best vocal remover software

This best vocal remover software helps you create karaoke tracks online from your browser for free. It is suitable for users who cannot use its Vocal Remover Pro software or those looking for instant karaoke tracks.

The Vocal Remover Pro tool has superior sound quality than the online vocal remover, and can convert any music video on YouTube to MP3 Karaoke without the singing. It uses advanced sound processing technology to remove vocals from music, and automatically create a brand new instrumental karaoke track from the original music file.

It also ensures sound clarity with high precision vocal removal algorithm, and where the vocals cannot be completely removed, it will be substantially reduced, but you can create unlimited tracks at lightning speeds of 5 seconds on average per track.

Get Online Vocal Remover

Tip: If you cannot use these best vocal remover software for one reason or another, you can always use the Voice Cancellation setting in Windows, which cancels the voice before you hear it via the computer’s speakers.

Simply enable the option to reduce vocals’ sound in real time by clicking on the sound icon on the taskbar and selecting Playback devices, double-click Speakers/Headphones, then in the properties window, click Enhancements tab and check the Voice Cancellation box.

Have you used any of these best vocal remover software before? Or is there one you’d like to give a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

Once you’ve removed vocals from your audio tracks, you can use the new audio files for your karaoke sessions. To do this, download one of these karaoke tools on your computer, upload your new audio files and sing your heart out.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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