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restaurant employee scheduling software
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Research studies have repeatedly shown that a common cause of failure in restaurant businesses is a failure to properly handle their most important asset: human talent. Too often, businesses that lack the tools to properly control people end up incurring massive losses because of staff-scheduling inefficiencies like improper clocking and unplanned overtime.

Now, rather than spend as much as 8 hours chopping and changing the restaurant staff schedule, managers can automate the cumbersome process by investing in a good restaurant employee scheduling software.

These programs are packed full of goodies:

  • They save up to 75% of manager’s time by automating employee scheduling.
  • The software drastically reduces scheduling errors saving on labor costs.
  • They streamline staff communication helping to avoid conflict.
  • Most integrate with POS systems for accurate payroll processing.

What to look for in a restaurant employee scheduling software

These software have a profound impact and can greatly boost profitability. But you need to sift through a bevy of options as you chase an ideal solution.

Here are some questions to ponder before deciding:

  • How many restaurant employees do you need to schedule?
  • How many shifts is the software supposed to cover?
  • Are the shifts uniform or irregular?
  • Can the suggested solution share data with other restaurant software like the POS?
  • Is the software easier to use for your staff?

Answering these questions will put you in a prime position to land a magnificent scheduling system.

There is a host of amazing employee scheduling automating software. Here are some formidable choices.

What is the best employee scheduling app for restaurants

7shifts (recommended)

7 shifts

7shifts is absolutely easy to use for managers and staff.

Indeed, you simply drag and drop the staff details to build a schedule.  Plus, managers can use the auto-scheduling feature to speed up scheduling.

So, why does it work so well? Well, 7shifts rely on its custom shift templates to quickly generate a schedule as soon as it confirms staff availability.

What’s more? Staffs are alerted of their shifts immediately the schedule is published or changes made.

If you’ve been struggling to rein in on your labor costs, then you should get 7 shifts. It turns out that the tool monitors your spending in real time to help stop overspending.

The program also seeks to help restaurants owners comply with local labor laws. For instance, staff members won’t miss their minimum scheduled breaks so you won’t be paying penalties.

You can even approve or refuse staff requests for time-off on the go from the free 7shifts app.

In short, 7shifts works like a charm.

The trial appetizer version is free while the POS-integrating Gourmet Includes cost $135 per month.

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Findmyshift is one of the scheduling software that gives you real freedom when it comes to employee shifts.

You see, everything is available from their interactive website meaning you can make and monitor schedules any time and from anywhere.

It integrates with loads of platforms to track employee vacations, send emails and automated shift reminders to employees, and set alarms for upcoming shifts.

Now sample this: It can pay the staff different hourly rates, deduct unpaid breaks, and combine employee timesheets, schedules, and overtime rates to arrive at accurate payroll costs.

Subscription is charged per employee added and it allows you to add unlimited staff. And as a welcome, you don’t pay a dime for the first month!

Employees have also praised its simplicity and functionality.

You see, unlike some of the competitors, they can request, cancel, and swap shifts with colleagues using the FindMyShift website on the go.

The website is encrypted so your restaurant’s data remains protected not to mention the system runs automated backups in case you erase some schedules.

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Planday also makes a compelling case to be considered among the elites and you feel it could actually be a step-up on some of the other entrants in this exclusive list.

Created to make staff scheduling simple and fun for both owners and workers, PlanDay allows you to save your favorite schedule as a template.

You can then customize it to fit the needs of each week or to schedule shifts well in advance.

The software prioritizes efficiency over aesthetics so essentials like the dashboard are plain but very detailed.

Depending on your needs, you can view a snapshot of the work week or month, the hours each employee will work, and how much it will cost your business.

Its wonderful collection of communication tools allows managers to pass the right message to every worker (or groups of employees) to ensure teamwork.

Employees clock-in quickly through the app (Apple and Android) as soon as the shift begins while you get a bird’s-eye view of the happenings from the focused reports.

OverallPlanDay could prove a masterstroke for both employees and management in your growing business.

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Hotschedules is one of the most advanced scheduling software for restaurants and the hospitality industries at large.

Its impressive suite of clocking, communication, and tracking technologies includes features to help man employees across locations and a powerful native mobile app.

Thus, HotSchedules would be great if you’re searching for a product that not only monitors staff but also helps manage day-to-day operations.

Some of its excellent abilities include enforcing punctuality to reduce time-theft, a straightforward payroll aggregation, meal and breaks enforcement, multiple payroll exports, and more.

These features will save you money and help satisfy the requirements of employee regulations across all your locations.

Incidences of shortages and overages will be long gone as will annoying last-minute calls to the managers.

Employees are also fully catered for and can check schedules, request time off, and pick-up or drop shifts, from their phones.

Ultimately, HotSchedules will do more than just enabling owners and supervisors to schedule employees.

Charges start at $2 per employee per month and like the rest, you can opt for the free trial first.


Using the best restaurant employee scheduling software solves many of the headaches that managers and owners face with manual and spreadsheets scheduling methods.

The fruits will be smooth running business, better management/employee relationships, and compliance with local labor laws.

Such benefits outweigh the meager investment in the software by far.


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