Fix: Unable to Sign in to Skype Because DXVA2.Dll is Missing

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If your main operating system is still Windows XP, and you’re using Skype on it, you might receive an error message that says ‘Skype failed to load library dxva2.dll,’ after the most recent update . After the error message, Skype doesn’t start and you’re unable to sign in. In this article we’re going to show you the solution for this error, and also explaining why it occurs.
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So why this error message shows up? Microsoft recently updated Skype to version 7.5 and almost immediately Windows XP users started to complain that they’re unable to even start Skype. This is because, from now on, Skype will use DirectX Video Acceleration 2.0, which requires .NET Framework 4.0 installed in order to function normally. So, as a lot of users (especially Windows XP users), don’t have .NET 4.0 installed, they get this error message.

As you probably know, Microsoft doesn’t support Windows XP anymore, but you’re still able to run Skype on this operating system. The dxva2.dll file was introduced in Windows Vista, so it’s not installed on Windows XP by default, and you have to download .NET Framework 4.0 to have this dll file.

All you need to do to fix the issue with missing dxva2.dll in Skype is to download and install .NET Framework 4. You can download it from Microsoft’s site, or directly from this link.

That would be all, after you download and install .NET Framework 4 you’ll be able to sign in to Skype normally again.

Users of newer versions of Windows operating systems didn’t complain about this issue for now. But, if face this problem on a newer Windows than XP, the solution would probably be the same. Just re-install or enable .NET Framework 4, and you’re good to go.

Since we’re talking about Skype, you probably know that Skype has universal app, besides regular desktop program. So which one do you like more, traditional, desktop program, or new, universal Skype app? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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