Global hotkeys are now available in Skype for Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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How to continue using the old version Skype

Skype brings one of the most demanded features for its Windows 10 users, namely global hotkeys. This feature was previously available in older versions of the desktop application.

Global hotkeys are currently available to Insiders enrolled in the Skype Insider Program. The feature has been released as part of the latest Skype Insider update.

Skype Classic hotkeys now available on new Skype versions

Global hotkeys now allow users to perform some simple functions such as mute/unmute/reject their Skype calls without bringing the application to the foreground.

They can do that simply by using a combination of hotkeys such as Ctrl+E for rejecting the incoming calls, end your Skype calls by using Ctrl+E and mute and unmute calls by using Ctrl+M. 

If you want to test the new feature, get the Skype app from the Microsoft Store and make sure you installed Skype version:

Some of the loyal Skype users are pleased to see that the company is actually working with the Skype community and takes user suggestions into account.

Some Skype users are of the opinion that these shortcuts should be customizable.

I use desktop version. I hope you made it customizable and not fixed. It was logically with PageUP and PageDown and not with CTRL+E(which is the hotkey for Chrome address bar now).

Other users complained about performance degradation issues while using Skype. Another user is looking for a dedicated hotkey to open Skype’s main window. 

That is not what I was asking for. I need a hotkey to open skype main window which is available at Mac and refused for windows users. 

It is yet to be seen when (or if) Microsoft implements the requested features.

How to enable global hotkeys in Skype

These hotkeys are currently available in the updated version of your Insider build. You don’t need to enable them, as they have been enabled by default.

However, if you are someone who is not fond of using hotkeys, you can go to the Settings menu to turn the feature off.

Microsoft promised its users to bring a shortcut for answering calls in an upcoming build. The company also encouraged users to utilize these shortcuts and provide them with detailed feedback on their experience.


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