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Adobe provides you with a rich set of software tools dedicated to photography and graphic design, as well as video editing. If you’re familiar with Adobe InDesign, the desktop publishing and typesetting application, then you have to meet Adobe InCopy.

Adobe InCopy is a sophisticated tool that gives you the possibility to create and edit text documents that can be used in InDesign. But it’s actually a fully-fledged word processor that enables you to put together standalone text documents. In a way, it’s similar to Microsoft Word. Besides Windows, it can be installed on Mac systems.


Our Review

Good-looking interface
Comprehensive text editing and reviewing tools
Collaboration tools for writers and designers
Integrates with Adobe InDesign
No forever-free version

Adobe InCopy provides a collaboration platform for teams of copywriters and editors. You can customize all aspects of the text you write, as well as track and review changes made by others. Writers can easily change the document’s layout settings in InCopy while graphic designers can continue working on the same document in InDesign without getting in the way of each other.

Before reading our Adobe InCopy review, take a look at its system requirements, limitations, setup operation, interface, and set of features. We described all you need to know about this writing software solution below.

Adobe InCopy system requirements

The tool has some hefty system specs. So before downloading and installing it, check for these requirements:

  • Processor: Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, or better CPU
  • Memory: minimum of 4 Gb RAM (16 Gb recommended)
  • Disk space: around 3.6 Gb for program installation (SSD recommended)
  • Monitor: at least 1024×768 display (1920×1080 recommended) with HiDPI display support
  • Video card: 32-bit or more powerful
  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1 or newer

Adobe InCopy free version

The word processor isn’t freeware, but you can evaluate its complete set of options and configuration settings during a 7-days free trial. Once this period expires, though, you have to remove Adobe InCopy from your PC unless you buy a software license. There are multiple subscription plans available for Adobe InCopy, so you can pick whatever suits you best.

How to install Adobe InCopy

Downloading and setting up Adobe InCopy on your Windows PC doesn’t take long. Since it’s part of the Creative Cloud suite, you have to log in with your Adobe account to start the installation process.

After login, you just have to fill out a few details about yourself to begin the setup. Everything is done automatically but takes a while if you don’t already have Creative Cloud installed.

Similar to all Creative Cloud applications, Adobe InCopy adopts a user-friendly interface with a dark theme. It makes it easy to explore its options, which are neatly organized in menus. You can get started by opening any readable file.

What is Adobe InCopy?

Taking everything into account, Adobe InCopy turns out to be a sophisticated piece of software for general word processing. It can help you create and edit text documents in style, which can be optionally integrated with Adobe InDesign. InCopy supports popular file types, including Microsoft Word documents. It takes a unique approach toward document management and creation since you can choose from galley, story, and layout mode.

We’ve noticed that the word processor doesn’t hog system resources, although it’s a fairly common practice among Adobe products. As such, you can still work in other applications while writing in InCopy.

Adobe InCopy FAQ

  • What is Adobe InCopy used for?

Adobe InCopy is used to create standalone text documents as well as word files that can be integrated with Adobe InDesign since it supports collaboration tools.

  • How do I link InCopy in InDesign?

To link InCopy in InDesign, you must set up the link inside InDesign. To do so, you can either create a container file (ICMA format) or export text and graphics in individual files (also ICMA format).

  • Is Adobe InCopy free?

No, Adobe InCopy isn’t freeware. But you can fully evaluate its features during a 7-days free trial, without any restrictions.

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Adobe InCopy

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