Steam failed to send message: 6 ways to fix it for good

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steam not sending messages

Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. Millions of gamers use it every day to play their favorite games.

However, from time to time, they might experience various technical issues. For example, Steam may fail to send out messages.

Usually, when this happens, the following error message pops on the screen: Steam failed to send message. Please try again later.

The problem may manifest itself in different ways: users can’t reply to messages, they can’t send out messages to certain fellow gamers or messages stop being sent in mid-conversation.

What can I do if Steam won’t let me send messages?

Before diving into the troubleshooting steps, have you tried restarting your Steam app? As simple as this solution may seem, it may as well be very effective.

Secondly, check the status of the Steam chat. Sometimes, the service might be down which may explain why you’re getting this error.

If the problem persists and all the Steam services are up and running, then follow the steps listed below.

Here’s a preview of the solutions to use:

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Clear your cache
  3. Disable Steam overlay
  4. Disable your security software
  5. Uninstall interfering programs
  6. Reinstall Steam

1. Check your internet connection

Checking your internet connection would be another good idea. You could do that either directly, by trying to ping different websites, or by contacting your internet service provider. You should also consider restarting your router.

2. Clear your cache

Try to clear out your cache in the internet browser. Although it may not seem a solution to repair the issue directly, some reported this worked for them.

How to clear your browser cache?

The steps to follow may be different depending on the browser that you are using. The quickest and safest solution is to go to your browser’s official website and follow the steps listed on the support pages.

3. Disable Steam overlay

Another element that might have caused this issue to occur is the Steam overlay. As a quick reminder, Steam overlay is an interface that gives you access to friends, chats and other features on top of any game.

In rare cases, Steam overlay might trigger some severe issues, might even block certain game or Steam features. As a result you an fix these issues by disabling the Steam overlay.

Here is what you have to do: go to Steam > Settings > In-game and the uncheck the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game box.turn off steam overlay

4. Disable your security software

A barrier that might cause this issue could be your Windows Firewall or your anti-virus. Turning them off could be the solution to your problem.

To disable Windows Firewall, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Control Panel > System and Security
  2. Click Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall on or offdisable Windows firewall
  3. Turn off Windows Firewall

Now that you have disabled your firewall don’t forget to turn off your anti-virus and check if this solved your Steam message problem.

However, keep in mind that having an active firewall and anti-virus help you to keep your PC protected at all times. Don’t forget to enable your security solutions after completing the task.

5. Uninstall interfering programs

If you recently installed new programs, try disabling them. If this does not work and you consider not needing them, you can go as far as uninstalling them.

Oftentimes, if Steam detects any software conflicts, it throws an error message informing you about that.

6. Reinstall Steam

If nothing goes your way, there is nothing else that you can do than reinstalling your Steam.

  1. To uninstall Steam you have to go to the Control Panel
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall a programControl panel remove programs
  3. Select Steam, and click the Change/Remove button
  4. Click Automatic > Next and Finish.

To install Steam back, you have to download the Steam Installer from the official Steam website, double-click steam.dmg and click Agree.

We hope that the presented solutions helped you out. If not, let us know what worked for you in the comment section below.


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