You can now launch instant polls with the Polls app in Teams meetings

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  • The Teams app got another improvement you will surely appreciate as a user.
  • We can now launch an instant poll when using the Polls app in Teams meetings.
  • There is, however, a known issue you will definitely want to know about soon.
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After launching features such as Communities and making a big promise on picture-in-picture mode for Teams users on iPad, Microsoft has done it again.

The tech giant seems to be working hard to improve its collaboration tool’s user experience, so Teams users have started receiving another important new featur.

This is part of Microsoft’s neverending plan to let users quickly and more easily engage with their audiences when in a meeting.

Gather feeback easier with insant polls in Teams meetings

You should know that Microsoft has announced the ability to launch an instant poll when using the Polls app while in Teams meetings.

Feel free to use an instant poll to take the pulse of your audience and gather opinions and feedback during the current meeting.

Many have found it helpful because you can launch one of three pre-defined poll types with a single click, so it will not take much time.

You are probably also wondering what type of polls will be available for this quick feeback seshion, so here’s what you are looking at.

There’s the classic Yes/No poll, the ultra-popular Thumbs up/Thumbs down type of poll, and of course the Like/Dislike version.

After you send out such a poll, your audience will then have to click the appropriate button to share their opinions, with no need for them to click Submit.

If you are the meeting organizer, you can launch an instant poll by clicking on the Polls button, and then selecting the New Poll option, as shown in the picture above.

That being said, keep in mind that instant polls functionality in Teams is limited to Business and Education subscribers only.

You should also be aware of the known issue, which is that the Yes/No option set is not translated and remains in English for all users, regardless of language and locale settings.

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What other features do you think would help the Teams app be even more accessible? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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