Is Twitch hosting not working? Try these methods

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Twitch hosting not working - laptop on table
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A large number of users have reported that their Twitch hosting is not working properly. You can find thousands of blog posts asking for help regarding this issue.

As you know, it can be extremely frustrating to continuously encounter this issue. This problem becomes even more important to solve if you’re earning a living by using Twitch.

Even though the developer team from Twitch didn’t release an official fix to deal with this problem, our team has compiled some of the best methods from the online forums.

It is worth noting that the methods presented in this list are not sure fixes for this issue, but these workarounds have proven useful for other users.

It is worth trying them out for your case to see if you can improve or even solve the situation. Read on to find out more.

Here’s what to do to troubleshoot the Twitch hosting not working issue

1. Change Twitch settings

laptop with user at desk - Twitch hosting not working
You will need to first make sure that the auto-hosting option inside your Twitch app is turned on.

Follow these steps to check:

  1. Open Twitch -> navigate to Channel Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Auto-Hosting section found at the bottom of the settings window.
  3. Click the switch to turn it on.
  4. If the option is already enabled, please try the next possible solution.

2. Wait for a couple of minutes

clock with laptop - Twitch hosting not working
If your auto-hosting service doesn’t come online immediately, you should wait for a few minutes to activate.

Some users have actually suggested waiting for 5-10 minutes to make sure that the server has time to process your request.

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3. Un-mod everyone from your channel

laptop on table - Twitch hosting not working

  1. Type /mods inside your Twitch chat to see all mods.
  2. Type /unmod ‘NAME’ for every moderator found in the list presented to you above.

4. Stop bots on your channel

laptop with mug on desk - Twitch hosting not working

  1. Type !bots to find out who is a bot on your channel.
  2. Type !removebots to remove all bots from your channel.
  3. If that doesn’t work, try the command @’botname’ stop by using the names of the bots found at step 1 of this method.

5. Disconnect all clients from your Channel

laptop on table with mug - Twitch hosting not working
Most of the Twitch users have a long list of clients connected to their Channel.

Whether you were curious at some point and tried a client out, or wanted to follow a client to get updated information, in order to fix the Twitch hosting issue, you will need to remove all clients and re-add the ones you want after.


We hope this guide managed to help you solve the Twitch hosting not working issue. In addition, we highly suggest checking out our list of top browsers for Twitch.

The first entry and something we gladly recommend is UR Browser. Download it now and see the immediate improvement.

If you found these solutions useful please let us know by leaving a comment in the section found under this article.


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