Can’t find games on Twitch? Here’s how you can fix that

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unable to see games in twitch

Twitch is the most popular tool when it comes to streaming games online and there are many good reasons why gamers prefer to record their gameplay with the help of this platform.

However, quite a few users encountered a major issue. The games didn’t appear on Twitch‘s game tab. One user reported the following on the Reddit forum:


As the title says. I downloaded twitch and it shows none of my games in my games tab. I ran the smart scan and it doesnt see any and locating manual wont find them either. Not sure what to do.

The title of the thread is “Twitch app not seeing any of my installed games“. Also, the OP tried several methods such as running a smart scan and manually locating the games. Still, nothing seemed to work.

Fortunately, there are other methods you should try when the Twitch app is not finding games. Today we will show you how to fix this major problem.

Twitch app not finding games? Here’s how we fixed that!

1. Sign in with the Twitch account

Sometimes, it is possible that you forgot to sign in. Of course, if you don’t sign in with your Twitch account, no games will appear.

2. Refresh the app

Quite a few users solved this issue by refreshing their app. Just click on the button from the upper-left corner of the window.

The explanation for this is simple. The servers are overloaded and it takes some time to load all the games. So, a refresh will reload the platform with all the games on it.

twitch refresh

3. Close and open the program in Task Manager

  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Find Twitch in the Apps section and click on End Task.task manager twitch
  4. Open Twitch again.

4. Use UR Browser

You can try using Twitch through a browser. We recommend UR Browser for enhanced privacy. More importantly, this tool stands on top of the list of the browsers perfectly optimized for Twitch.

Read our comprehensive review to learn more about UR Browser!


Not seeing games in the Twitch app is definitely a major issue. Basically, it makes the program useless. However, there are some easy solutions that will work. These will allow you to stream your favorite games.


Did you find our solutions useful? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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