You can now compress Viber videos on Windows 10 before sending them

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Viber is an instant messaging app that lives up to its promise of sending text and media quickly. The app allows you to send text messages, share photos and videos, add stickers, and make voice and video calls for free. However, one feature that many users want added to the app is the ability to edit how long sent videos are. Viber heard the clamor loud and clear: The app has now received an update that lets you trim and compress video files before you send them.

The ability to compress a video file prior to sending it via the internet helps speed up data transmission, especially if only a portion of your clip looks interesting. Moreover, sending large video files can count against your data plan, which means more bandwidth usage and larger fees. The new update helps resolve that issue by letting you control the length of videos sent to your contacts.

Viber version 6.5 also automatically plays GIFs within conversations to add more spirit to your chat. Along with the tweaks to its various features, a refreshed UI also joins the party.

Other features of Viber include:

  • Fun stickers
  • Group chats with up to 200 participants
  • Deleting a message even after it was sent
  • Cross-platform support: Use Viber messenger on your tablet, computer and phone simultaneously.
  • Getting started quickly: No username, no login – just activate using your phone number and instantly integrate your contact list.
  • Optimized for touch devices: Supports Desktop and Tablet Mode – use Viber on your PC, tablet and phone simultaneously.
  • Responsive design: Resize the app on PC and Tablets for optimal view.
  • Secured communications and contact authentication: Messages, calls, photos, videos and group chats including cross-platform messages are now automatically end-to-end encrypted.

You can snag Viber for free from the Microsoft Store.

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