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If you’re looking for a trusted messaging app that allows you to make calls, video chat, send photos, videos, stickers, and more to individuals or groups, then WhatsApp is a great choice.

Currently owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is highly appreciated when traveling abroad on a tight budget – the app is completely free, with no fees or subscriptions to worry about.


It is also used to stay in touch with friends and family members, bringing to the table the advantage of working on various phone and computer operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

Getting to comfortably use WhatsApp on a computer is easy even for newbies. This comprehensive article on running WhatsApp for Windows 10 will guide you all the way.

Moreover, you can use this dedicated guide to back up your WhatsApp files to OneDrive and make sure nothing bad could ever happen to them.

Whether the app is new to you or you’ve been enjoying it for years, one thing is clear. Just like similar apps, errors and glitches do show up from time to time.

WhatsApp common issues and how to fix them

Find out all about how to master this service on your PC by taking a closer look at our WhatsApp Web section.