Windows 10 build 19536 breaks Sandbox for many users

by Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 build 19536 bugs

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 build 19536 to users that are in the Windows Insider Fast Ring for testing.

As with all builds that make it to the Fast Ring, this is the first build that actually makes its way into the user’s hands, meaning that it is also the version with the most bugs.

These bugs range from simple display bugs to error messages that hinder functionality.

Given how Windows 10 build 19536 comes with a host of important features, we’ve decided to create a list of all the bugs that have been discovered so far.

This is mainly so that you may know what to expect if you plan on installing it as well. Additionally, we’ve included some solutions wherever possible.

What issues are there with Windows 10 build 19536?

1. Windows Sandbox failed to start

Users have reported that after installing the latest build, they get an error message whenever they try launching Windows sandbox error

Apparently, users even tried an update of build 19041 and a clean install with the same results.

If you too have encountered this issue, check out this detailed guide for clues on how to fix a similar problem.

2. Update fails while installing

Several users have reported having issues even getting the update since they encounter problems during the update process.

Update fails at the driver stage (35%) it reboots then keeps rebooting when it tries to load and eventually undoes anything it has done and reverts. Going to try stuff around and see what’s going on.

This wouldn’t be the first time an update fails to install for many users. Unfortunately, no solution has been found for this issue.

3. VMWare compatibilities issues

Some users have been reporting to have VMWare compatibilities issues with Windows 10 build 19536:

This build appears to be a no go with VMware. After failing with ISO, tried WU and the first screen I get is a keyboard selection, then to straight to repair.

No further details were given on the matter, nor were there any solutions found.

4. Download error 0xc1900101

Some users have reported getting an error message when trying to download Windows 10 build 19536, labeled error code 0xc1900101

I have an error code after I download and install 19536, I have done the download and install 3 times and still get the error code 0xc1900101
any suggestions, I also deleted the update folder in the registry thought the might be causing the problem no such luck.

Fortunately, this error code has been with Windows 10 for quite some time, and solutions have been found along the way.

For a detailed guide on how to fix error code 0xc1900101, check out this step-by-step guide

5. Windows 10 build 19536 is live too fast

Several users have reported that Windows 10 build 19536 is being set for live release too fast, and those that are in the Windows Insider Slow Ring didn’t get a chance to test it yet.

These reports came in as a response to a Twitter post which stated that:

Our last flight of 2019 is here! Build 19536 is ready for Insiders in the Fast ring.

This comes as a surprise since normally, the build that is tested by those in the Fast Ring would then be tested by Microsoft staff, and then by users that are part of the Slow Ring.


As you can tell, Windows 10 build 19536 still needs a bit of polishing, but hopefully, most of these issues will be fixed by the time the next update hits live.

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