Has the April Update fixed the gaming issues on Windows 10 PCs?

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There’s a thread on Nvidia’s support forums that has been going on for quite a while now. This thread is about an older glitch that has been affecting some PC running Windows 10, and it seems that even if the flaw was supposed to have been resolved, it’s still there, frustrating gamers.

There are more users who have installed the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, and Nvidia drivers are still triggering performance issues that were not there before the OS update.

Windows 10 ruins users’ gaming experience

There are more threads where gamers are dealing with the same problem and discussing potential fixes. Some of the gamers had claimed that they encountered this issue regarding performance lagging only when they were trying to play particular games at higher frame rates.

They reported that this stuttering problem was not there before they updated their operating system to the newest version.

Origins of the lag issue

This problem was reported for the first time since the release of the initial Creators Update of Windows 10. The annoying thing is that it was supposed to have been resolved by Microsoft back in September 2017 when the company launched the Fall Creators Update. Back then, Microsoft reported that it had addressed a few problems that might have been causing this issue.

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Six months later, the stuttering problem lingers on

Time has passed, and gamers are still dealing with the same performance-related issue, especially users of GeForce GPUs. They seem to encounter the same problems even when they are running the latest version of Windows 10 with all the updates graphics drivers installed on their systems.

Frustration is increasing among gamers who keep complaining about the fact that none of the working builds of Windows 10 manages Nvidia GPUs and G-Sync monitors appropriately, and the stuttering and sync issues are still present.

More than that, it seems that the problems were spotted even in the latest insider builds of Windows 10 which triggers even more concern. Users are losing hope that the Windows 10 April Update will bring a fix for these issues, but we’ll just have to wait a bit more and see what happens.

UPDATE: Windows 10 users can now download and install the Windows 10 April Update on their computers. User reports confirmed there are still many gaming issues and errors affecting this release. So, the short answer to this post’s question is ‘No, the Windows 10 April Update hasn’t patched the gaming bugs that it inherited from previous Windows 10 versions.’

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March, 30 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.



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