Windows 10’s BSOD gets replaced with GSOD

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 Creators Update is the next major update coming to Windows 10 in 2017. Microsoft did a fantastic job of keeping everyone using their services informed on the latest news regarding the project. Those enrolled in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program have constantly received Preview builds every time the developers finished a new patch, which contained new features and enhancements and changes to already existing features.

It was announced some time ago that no more Preview builds will be released until we pass into 2017. To everyone’s surprise, that wasn’t the case as another Preview build was released — although not the way you might expect. Microsoft’s latest update was leaked for the whole world to see, with everyone soon after throwing elbows to see what its latest features were. Ultimately, it took them a long time to figure out what the update’s greatest feature was.

Once Microsoft came to terms with the fact that the update was leaked, it stated through a tweet posted by Matthijs Hoekstra that people haven’t found the one big change yet. Without keeping anyone in suspense any longer, the change he was referring to was the change of the company’s BSOD to a GSOD.

The BSOD, or Blue Screen Of Death, is a famous error screen that occurs across multiple Windows versions. The infamous blue color is what gives it the name and the “oh, crap” feeling it comes with.

In the latest Insider preview, the screen has been changed to a green color, hence GSOD. Apparently, this change will only take place for the Insider Preview builds for Windows, so that it and the live version of the operating system are easier to distinguish from one another.


  • “Microsoft did a fantastic job”???? Where, please? Many basics don’t work, you try let believe me, that “Microsoft did a fantastic job”? This is an invective!