Complete guide for setting up a Windows 10 Kodi Remote Control

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by Matthew Adams
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The Media Center fell by the wayside in Windows 10. That was perhaps one of the more debatable things for Microsoft to remove from the OS.

However, there are a few Media Center replacements compatible with Windows 10. One is Kodi Jarvis, which is a multiplatform software package you can play videos, films, music and photo slideshows with.

You can also set up a Windows 10 Kodi remote control with an Android tablet or phone.

If you don’t already have Kodi, you can save its installer to Windows from this website page.

Click Installer beside Windows to save its setup wizard. Then run through the Kodi setup wizard to open the software as in the snapshot below.


Setting up an Android Remote for Kodi

Now you can set up a new Kodi remote to navigate the software with something comparable to a TV controller. However, you’ll need to have an update Android tablet or phone to add the Kore app to.

First, add the XBMC Foundation Kore app to your Android device from this page. Then open Kodi and configure the software as follows.

  • Click System on the Kodi home page, Services and then Remote control to open the options shown directly below.


  • Select both Allow remote control by programs on other systems and Allow remote control by programs on this system if it’s not already selected by default.
  • Next, select Web server from the left menu as below.


  • There you should also select the Allow remote control via HTTP option.

Configuring the Kore App

Now open the Kore remote app on your Android device. Kore might automatically detect the Windows 10 Kodi installation.

However, if Kore doesn’t detect it, you’ll need to enter media center name, port, username and IP address details in the app’s Manuel configuration page.

  • You can find the required details in Kodi by clicking System > Services > Web server.
  • The Web server options include your port number and username details. Enter those details into the required fields on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.
  • You can also enter ‘Kodi’ as the media center name on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.
  • To find your IP address, click System Info under System on the Kodi home page. Then click Network to open the details below.


  • Your IP address is included there. So enter that IP address into the Address field on Kore’s Manuel configuration page.
  • Only fill out password if you’ve set one up for Kodi. If not, you can leave that blank.
  • Now press the Test button on Kore’s Manuel configuration page. An All done page should open informing you that the media center is configured.

If Kore Still Doesn’t Work

If Kore still isn’t working after you’ve followed the above guidelines exactly, that might be down to your firewall settings. The firewall might block Kodi. So configure firewall settings in Windows 10 as follows.

  • Enter ‘firewall’ into the Cortana search box and select Allow an app through Windows Firewall to open the window in the snapshot below.

allow apps kodi


  • Press the Change settings button on that window.
  • Then scroll to the Kodi app. Select all the Kodi check boxes as above, and then press the OK button.
  • Enter the required details into the Kore’s Manuel configuration page again to set up the remote control.


Now you can navigate Kodi with the Android remote shown directly above. Click the arrow keys and middle button on the remote to navigate the Kodi menus and options.

Kore is the official remote for Kodi, but you can also set up an Android remote for the software with the Yaste app. Both apps are great remote controls for the media center.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

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