Candy Crush Saga removed in Windows 10 May 2019 Update

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Candy Crush removed May 2019 Update

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Microsoft finally listened to Windows 10 users and removed Candy Crush Saga from the upcoming May 2019 Update.

And there is more to this story: the same applies to other unwanted apps and bloatware that are usually included in the Windows 10 install package.

The change was spotted by Tero Alhonen who shared the news to Windows 10 users on Twitter.

These unwanted apps got many users angry — although they have the option to uninstall all of them. Windows 10 is first and foremost a productivity-focused platform. That is why many users were surprised to see Candy Crush Saga automatically installed on their PCs.

It seems that Microsoft noticed the frustration and decided to get rid of the unwanted load on Windows 10 Home.

Good news indeed but hold your horses

So, Microsoft removed Candy Crush Saga from the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. However, keep in mind that the change is not going to affect all the systems.

The tech giant has not yet shared the eligibility criteria for picking those lucky systems. Insiders already confirmed they no longer have this popular game installed on their computers.

However, one user noticed that these unwanted apps were no longer available when he used an offline Microsoft Account during the installation process.

So, instead of getting bloatware and unwanted games, he got various productivity apps including Photoshop.

The experience is kinda same with Windows 10 Pro. If you choose to use online Microsoft Account during installation you get Candy Crush etc games but with offline local account you get “productivity apps” like Photoshop etc instead.

Previously, regardless of the account type users would use, some unwanted apps were an inherent part of the Windows 10 Home or Pro OS.

So, if you use your online Microsoft Account when upgrading to Windows 10 v1903, Cand Crush Saga might still install on your PC.

You might be wondering why Microsoft offered these apps and games alongside Windows 10. Well, the company aimed to get a financial advantage by collaborating with the app developers.

The Redmond giant gets a percentage of the revenue earned on each subscription.

It is important to understand that your region might play an important role when it comes to getting Candy Crush automatically installed or not.

As you can see, it’s still unclear what criteria Microsoft uses when deciding who gets Candy Crush and who doesn’t.

We do hope the company applies these changes to all the upcoming Windows 10 versions.


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