Users ask MS to add these features in Windows 10 Gaming Edition

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Windows 10 Gaming Edition

Windows 10 might be a treat for some of the new gamers due to numerous reasons. According to the statistics, the market share of Windows 10 64 bit on Steam was reported to be 60.62 percent recently. The overall market shared of Windows 10 OS was reported alone to be 96.44 percent.

This huge increase in popularity is just because of the system upgrades with improved hardware specifications.

While it seems like the operating system failed to grab the attention of the experienced gamers who are fed up of the performance issues and cluttered UI. So, they have demanded Microsoft for a Windows 10 Gamers Edition. There are a variety of reasons that are supposed to be behind this strong demand from the users.

Let’s have a look at why users asked Microsoft to implement the respective changes and how the Redmond giant is going to respond to the popular demand?

Why should Microsoft develop a Windows 10 Gaming Edition OS?

1. Ultimate Performance Gains

As the Windows 10 Gaming Edition will be optimized for gaming, so the users are definitely going to experience huge performance gains. It will not only minimize the background processes but also increase GPU cycles and CPU threads that will be dedicated specifically to gaming.  Furthermore, the hardware and software can be optimized for achieving the Ultimate Performance on your PC.

While the minimalist design will also decrease, distractions from the User Interface. A lot of disk space can be saved by removing app notifications, and pre-installed apps including Candy Crush, OneNote, and Office etc. Various overclocking tools can be developed to avoid running processes and applications in the background.

The operating system will also definitely be able to achieve performance tweaks by recognizing that a game has been running in its memory. As soon as the operating system is able to recognize the gaming applications, it will cut down all the memory used by the non-gaming applications.

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2. User-Friendly

Most of the gamers are not interested in all the pre-installed apps that come along with the Windows 10 operating system. They are just looking for a minimalist design with all the basic apps.

Most of the times they are just looking for just the media player or maybe Google Chrome to run in the background while gaming. Reducing the number of features will not only reduce the memory space but also reduces the bugs to a great extent.

So, all the gamers just want to get rid of all the unwanted programs in the Windows 10 Gaming Edition. Microsoft can simply offer a place or Microsoft Store, where they can install the programs and apps as per their requirements.

3. Built-in Libraries

It is always confusing for most of the gamers to keep on installing C/C++ and other libraries again and again in order to run their favourite games. Especially it is annoying for the new gamers who are yet not aware of the software specifications.

Therefore, a version of Windows 10 with all the built-in libraries will save a lot of time and effort for the gaming community. While the standard users might not be interested in having a built-in version of Windows.

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4. Reduced Game Pricing

Most of the users like PC just because of the fact that games are available at a lot more cheaper rates on Windows as compared to other handheld devices etc. Moreover, there is no monthly subscription fee to enjoy your favourite games for online gaming.

5. Lower OS Costs

A Windows 10 Gaming Edition is definitely going to reduce the operating costs for most of the users. As they will not have to pay for all the extra pre-installed programs and other freebies that come along with the operating system.

It will allow an affordable price range specifically for the loyal Windows customers. Gamers can still enjoy their favourite games by paying once. Furthermore, it will definitely help to reduce piracy as well.

6. Voluntarily Contributions

As Microsoft now owns GitHub, the company can also increase voluntary contributions for the gaming addition by allowing open source developments of the Windows components specifically from the gaming community.

The software packages and drivers can be provided to the users through GitHub in a similar manner just as they are available to download for the Linux users. While most of the developers would be interested in developing anti-cheat tools for the gamers even at the operating system level.

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7. Hardware Upgrade

It will be easy for the PC gamers to upgrade individual hardware components as per their requirements. It will help them customize their gaming PC in order to maximize performance games.

8. Network Bandwidth

It is critical for gamers to have fast network responses while playing online. The network packets need to be sent and received as quickly as possible in order to stay focused on the game and avoid any delays or freezes. Most of the background processes and apps try to chew up the network bandwidth in standard Windows 10.

Telemetry is such an example that involves continuous checking and downloading of updates at the back end along with fetching emails for the users during a gaming session. While the Windows 10 Gaming Edition can prioritize all the gaming packets to increase its bandwidth.

It will just allow the spare packets to be available for all the extra stuff while a user is playing an online game.

Will Microsoft listen to the users?

Apparently, Microsoft has all the resources that are required for the development of a specialized gaming edition of Windows 10. While it’s not necessary that the software giant is going to listen to all the demands of the users.

It might not implement all the features and show up with just the basic features that are vital for the gaming community. It might also come up with a Game Mode or an alternative Boot Option at the start-up of the standard version.

There are also chances that Microsoft can also implement a feature that is going to stop all the unnecessary background processes during a gaming session. It’s just a matter of time to see how Microsoft responds to the user requests.


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