Windows 10 Mobile build 14361 randomly restarts Lumia 950 phones

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 Mobile build 14361 is here and brings a series of interesting bug fixes, making the Windows 10 experience more fluid. As usual, Microsoft provides Insiders with a list of available fixes and a list with all the known issues to be fixed by the upcoming builds.

However, the tech giant cannot possibly anticipate all the things that could go  wrong once a new build is launched, and users add new issues to the list as they test out the update. Such is the case with the latest Windows 10 Mobile build as users noticed their phones behave in a strange manner.

One of the most worrying issues is represented by the random phone restarts, preventing users from properly using their terminals. Unfortunately, this is not the only issue, as the store won’t open, the lock screen doesn’t show the lock screen content previously picked, and simply going to the Settings page causes the phone to crash:

OMG this is the worst fast build ever on my 950

Playing with it for just 10 mins I’ve had 3 random restarts, the store won’t open just a circle of dots, the lock screen only shows my picture none of the lock screen content I’ve picked, going to pretty much anything in the settings causes a resume screen that crashes the phone.

Wow I have never had this many problems with a fast ring release ever going to have to pretty much only use my phone for calls until the next release.
This build has pretty much made my phone useless.

The same user goes on to report that build 14361 also drained his phone battery, consuming 20% of the battery in about 5 minutes, and causing the phone to heat.  This is not the first build that caused battery issues, as users also complained about rapid battery drain in build 14342 as well. Microsoft then pushed an update aimed specifically at fixing this issues, but it seems this was only a temporary fix.

So far, the above mentioned issues have only been described by a single user, but the thread has already been viewed by more than 20 persons. This suggests that other users as well have encountered similar issues.

Have you tested out the new Mobile build? Is everything working well on your phone?


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Me and my wife both have the 950XL and we are having the same problems, constant reboots and battery drainage, it gets really warm. The phones are rendered completely useless and yesterday we ordered Android phones. I hate Android but MS is leaving us no choice, I have held on longer than anyone in this country to this OS because it really is a better system. With no apps anymore, reboots and no battery – well, you killed it Microsoft.

Why did you NEVER promote this OS? All these years, I’ve seen 0 ads in Scandinavia, no buzz, nothing. Android pushes everyone to Googles services, no more OneDrive or Office 365 for us I guess. Yeah, I know the app exists but with Android pushing everything by default to G-services… well, it’s a shame.

hi there,
i’ve got both rapid battey drain and random restarts(3 in the last 15min) and hundreds in the last 5 days…
hope this guys fix it soon or bye bye microsoft :/

14361 is working fairly well on my 950XL (dual SIM, NAM unlocked), maybe 2-3 random reboots since installing last week. No battery issues.

I have 950 ds but no restart and I think battery life is also better than ever but only problem I have is sim problem.when I try to touvh mobile data in quick setting Phone hangs and need force restsrt

No random restarts or rapid battery drain. Just have a handful of apps that crash but unfortunately one is Edge. If it doesn’t crash then it just won’t browse.