Microsoft revamps Windows 10 Mobile in early 2017, here’s what to expect

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It has been a week since the upcoming build 14997 accidentally surfaced online with a slew of updates coming to Windows 10 PCs this year that include overhauled Edge browser and Settings apps, Blue Light Reduction, and new Windows themes. But while Windows 10 for PCs often receive updates on a regular basis, Windows 10 Mobile has been left out in the cold for quite a while now.

This will soon change as Microsoft is preparing to revamp Windows 10 Mobile. A new feature called Web Payments is coming to Windows 10 Mobile. Build 14986 already includes this feature, which lets you make payments through websites that support the Payment Request API.

The Edge browser for Windows 10 Mobile will also be getting a makeover, which will revamp its Hub into something similar to the desktop interface. Insiders might now see the various new options on Edge.

Microsoft is also working on an integrated book store for Edge to let users save or bookmark books in the EPUB format. The software giant recently introduced EPUB features including EPUB file support and a refreshed UI for improved reading on Edge. The new feature will most probably complement said features.

The Settings app will receive a major overhaul such as reorganized sections to help users navigate the app more easily. One of these changes will be an Apps section that will display more information about the installed apps on a device and let users reset them. The Devices section, meanwhile, has a revamped UI for connected devices and now displays separate categories for various devices that link to yours. Another slight change in Edge is an improved Add a Device UI plus the addition of a fresh icon for the Continue App Experiences feature.

Just like the new features coming to Windows 10 for PCs, the ability to pause updates in Windows Update for as long as 35 days will also come to Windows 10 Mobile. If you’re looking to view 3D content on your device, Microsoft will soon let you do so with a new feature called the View 3D app, which will arrive for Windows 10 Mobile users. The feature comes pre-installed in one of the latest internal builds. While the app currently allows you to only view 3D content, Microsoft is working to make the feature let you capture 3D content in the future.

We will hear more about these new features once Microsoft rolls them out to Windows 10 Mobile this month.



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