Windows 10 Version 1507

windows 10 version 1507

Windows 10 version 1507 was the initial release provided by Microsoft at the beginning of this operating system, and was codenamed “Threshold 1”.

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Windows 10 v1507 was launched on July 2015 and had the shortest life of any Windows 10 version. After just 4 months, the Windows 10 November update arrived.

Latest builds in Windows 10 v1507

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB4580327OS Build 10240.18725
October 13, 2020Cumulative update
KB4577049OS Build 19041.508September 8, 2020Cumulative update
KB4571692OS Build 10240.18666
August 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4565513OS Build 10240.18638
July 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4561649OS Build 10240.18608
June 9, 2020Cumulative update
KB4556826OS Build 10240.18575
May 12, 2020Cumulative update
KB4550930OS Build 10240.18545April 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4540693OS Build 10240.18519March 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4537776OS Build 10240.18486February 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB450505110240.18218May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449915410240.18215May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB449837510240.18187April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347510240.18186April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448987210240.18158March 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB449110110240.18135February 21, 2019Solves an Internet Explorer issue
KB448701810240.18132February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096210240.18094January 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB448322810240.18064December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132310240.18063December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768010240.18036November 13, 2018Cumulative update
KB446292210240.18005October 9, 2018Cumulative update
KB445713210240.17976September 11, 2018Security updates to several Microsoft products
KB434389210240.17946August 14, 2018Cumulative update
KB433882910240.17914July 10, 2018Cumulative update

Best Windows 10 version 1507 features

From the beginning, users saw that Microsoft brought a lot of notable changes with this operating system, compared to Windows 7, 8.1 and others.

The start menu was updated and improved, offering a better Windows experience and Windows 10 brought the introduction of Cortana, the Microsoft Windows virtual assistant.

Other notable features for Windows 10 (initial release)

  • Windows 10 version 1507 brought “Action Center”, where users can see notifications and have quick access to settings.
  • A new web browser named Microsoft Edge was developed and replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows.
  • Users can easily switch between desktop mode and tablet mode.