Windows 7 apps should work fine after Windows 10 upgrade

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Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 at the beginning of 2020. Then the software giant will stop releasing patch updates for Win 7. As such, many users will at least be considering upgrading to Windows 10; but some might wonder if all their current apps will be compatible with the latest platform.

However, Microsoft’s Mr. Anderson has now reassured users that about 99 percent of the Win 7 apps will run okay in Windows 10.

Microsoft announced in September 2018 that there will be a new Desktop App Assure service for users to help resolve potential app compatibility issues after upgrading to Windows 10.

The Microsoft 365 vice president, Mr. Anderson, has now confirmed that service is globally available on a webpage titled: “2019 is the year to make the shift to a modern desktop.” There Mr. Anderson also stated:

So far, out of 41,000 applications within their estates, customers have come to us to evaluate 7,000 applications for potential compatibility concerns. However, when the Desktop App Assure team dug into it, they found that only 49 apps required assistance… Another way to look at this is that only 0.1 percent of all the apps that customers who have worked with the Desktop App Assure team to evaluate have had a compatibility issue.

So Microsoft has confirmed that the vast majority of apps for Windows 7 will be compatible with Windows 10. However, the company has still established the Desktop App Assure team to fix app compatibility issues that might emerge after a Windows 10 or Office 365 update.

Users can file a ticket via FastTrack to get some input from a Microsoft engineer. Desktop App Assure is a freely available service for users with a Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscription.

Mainstream Microsoft support for Windows 7 will cease on January 14, 2020. Yet, Netmarketshare data highlights that Win 7 still has a 36.9 percent market share. However, Mr. Anderson’s confirmation that nearly all Win 7 apps will be compatible with Windows 10 might convince more users to make the switch to Windows 10 during 2019.


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