Windows 7 driver update for Intel HD Graphics 4600 fails

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Many Windows 7 users are complaining about failed driver updates for Intel HD Graphics 4600. When they accept to install the update listed on the Windows Update center, the error code 80070103 appears on the screen.

Thousands of users have viewed the thread about this issue, which means that this problem is not at all an isolated one. The driver update for Intel HD Graphics 4600 is marked as important, and many users are trying to install it fearing a potential security risk.

Driver update for Intel HD Graphics 4600 fails with error 80070103

I’m using Windows 7 (won’t be upgrading to 10 and have done all I can to avoid it!) and I’ve just noticed an important update showing but I’ve tried twice now to install through the update center and it keeps coming back saying it’s failed. Comes back with an error code of 80070103. Don’t know what’s going on, can someone explain to me how to fix it, or alert Microsoft of there being an issue?

Although this update has been available for quite some time, there is no specific information about its content. When users click on “More information”, they arrive to the Windows Help pages, where no details are listed about the Intel HD Graphics 4600 update.

This made many users assume that Microsoft is pushing an Intel update that it doesn’t actually know anything about. Moreover, users confirm their video works properly even if they don’t install this update.

The solutions offered by Microsoft’s support engineers (running the Windows Update troubleshooter and reseting the Windows Update components) didn’t work so far. One user confirmed that the driver update for Intel HD Graphics 4600 can be installed using the direct download link from Intel’s website.

Overall, this update issue is bugging many users as they have already lost faith in Microsoft: “[…] it’s obviously a fault on Microsoft’s side of things but of course, they won’t acknowledge that until hundreds of people come forward and confirm this is the same issue for them as it is for us.”

Did you manage to install the Intel HD Graphics 4600 driver update? Did you notice any video improvements?



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