Windows 8, 10 Writing Apps: 4 Best to Use

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Writing on your Windows 8 tablet is easier when you are using the tools that you find most useful or that fit your needs to help you have a relaxed typing experience. Everything is easier to accomplish if you have the correct Windows 8 writing apps at your disposal. Go distraction-free with these best apps to start writing on your Windows 8 tablet.

The typing experience had to go through a lot of changes since touchscreens were integrated on most of the devices we use. Less people are looking for the perfect keyboard feeling and more are looking at how responsive and user-friendly the software they are using is. And with Windows 8, this is just as valid.

Take writing on Windows 8 tablets to a new level

It is harder and harder to find the all-in-one software wonder we are all looking for, however, there are some Windows 8 apps available at the Windows Store that you need to become aware of if you are trying to find the best writing app to fit your needs.

Notepad Classic

windows 8 writing app notepadNo introduction needed, if you are in need of something simple, this is the best app for you. Everyone remembers Notepad, the easy to use writing software that was integrated on all Windows operated computers. This Windows 8 writing app is somewhat different compared to what Notepad used to be, but as we all know, not all change is bad.The app looks great with the new and shiny appearance and it is certainly easier to use. The UI was completely remade to fit the current generation of devices and everything is more accessible and feels natural even when you are using it from you Windows 8 tablet or smartphone. The keyboard is very touchscreen friendly and responsive which makes it ideal when in need to write something while on the road, or you only have access to your smartphone.


windows 8 writing appsThis is one of the most simple Windows 8 apps you can find out there to do your writing, and that is probably what makes it one of the better ones. The UI contains the bare minimum number of elements and it is built to help you accomplish one thing: write.If you get easily distracted by features while trying to get something done, you will love writing on this app. “Write” operates on the principle “point and shoot” and that is exactly what you have to do. The pages will keep rolling and you will never lose focus, getting lost in the interface or the settings menu.


write on windows 8 tablet

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If you are someone that finds himself editing a lot of the previously created text documents, this is the app you are looking for your Windows 8 tablet. At a first glance the UI looks like it needs some time to get used to, but after a couple of minutes everything seems really intuitive. There are some important features that are needed by some but not available on most Windows 8 writing apps. If you are looking for simple text formatting, search or spell-checking, you will be happy to hear that this app is tailored specifically for you.

Cloud Notes+

writing app windows 8

Accessibility is one of the signature traits of today’s world and is one of the best characteristics of this app. The ability to store, share and access your work from all your Windows 8 devices is one of the main things that make our life easier.The app itself uploads your documents on cloud and allows you to access, edit or create new documents on-the-fly. You can modify text written on your PC from your smartphone on your way to work or just complete it with new ideas effortless.

Some more writing apps for Windows 8

The above four mentioned are what we consider to be the best, but maybe we are mistaken and there are others equal or even better. Or, maybe you are not satisfied and you are looking for more. So, here are a few more that you can choose to ramp up your writing:

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