Can’t connect to Xbox Live with a Xfinity modem? Here’s why

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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xbox live xfinity not working
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If you love gaming, regardless of whether it is on PC or console, you know that nothing beats a multiplayer experience.

For PC users, this means plugging in the Internet cable or connecting to the Wi-Fi and logging in. For Xbox users, this means going on Xbox Live and continuing from there.

However, some users have been complaining about having connectivity issues with their Xbox consoles. Additionally, this problem seems to be more closely related to those using Comcast Xfinity modem and routers.

I’ve had Xfinity/Comcast internet for approximately 6 years and Xbox Live for approximately 2 years, without issue. However, as of approximately 4 days ago I’m unable to connect to the Xbox Live service from my Xbox 360. I’m using the Xfinity provided home router/modem (ARRIS TG1682G).

Is my Xbox Live affected by my Comcast Xfinity modem or routers?

It seems that the majority of users having this issue showed some clear common symptoms:

  • The Xbox can connect to the Internet
  • The Xbox can not connect to Xbox Live
    • When you try to run the Test Xbox Live Connection” utility on the Xbox they received the following results:
  • Network: Connected
  • Internet: Connected
  • Xbox Live: Blocked (Sometimes responds “Failed” instead of “Blocked”)

Can I connect to Xbox Live through a Comcast Xfinity modem or router?

The less complicated answer would be that you can’t.

It seems that this issue has something to do with recent upgrades made to Comcast modems and routers. Apparently, an upgrade was made some time ago which is causing problems with NAT on their end.

It would seem that the NAT type is incorrect and causing issues specifically with online gaming. More so, this affected not only Xbox players, but PlayStation players as well.

Some users did argue that they could connect to Xbox Live if they performed some port forwarding. However, this only applies to a handful of models, and the effects can only be seen after a couple of days.

After much debate, it was concluded that the best option is to replace the Comcast Xfinity modems or routers with other models.

More so, those of you that have them should know that they are considered at the end of their life anyway. As such, you’ll soon have to replace them whether you like it or not.

For more information on the matter, please contact official Comcast Support.

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