9 Best Antivirus For Router Protection [2024 Guide]

Pick one of the solution proposed and safeguard your home network

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Key notes

  • Router protection is essential for keeping the home network safe, so make sure to use the best router antivirus.
  • An antivirus for your router will make sure that no malicious source gets past the security shield.
  • We gathered the best security solutions that help prevent, block, and remove router viruses and malware.
antivirus for router protection

You have to use proper router antivirus protection to secure all Wi-Fi-connected devices. Wireless networks have obvious benefits, but they are also subject to serious vulnerabilities.

Threats today not only attack your devices but are increasingly targeting routers as well.

There are numerous reports worldwide about people not being able to connect to their Internet. Cybercriminals attacked their routers due to identified vulnerabilities in the same.

The router security situation hasn’t improved in the last two years. More and more instances of routers used to carry out attacks are being witnessed and felt across the globe.

This just shows how big an issue it is when a router is not secured. Attackers hack into other devices once they gain access to the router. They use your bandwidth and access your data.

To fight this menace, you need the best antivirus for router protection. We have some of the top picks you can choose from right here.


Do routers have antivirus?

For the time being, routers do not come with any type of pre-installed independent antivirus. All network security hardware and tools are connected to a central device like a PC or phone.

Some manufacturers implement firewall options and offer applications that give you the possibility to check the status of your network.

These can help block suspicious devices from connecting to your network and detect vulnerabilities. They may not be enough when it comes to serious malware attacks, though.

That being said, there are some essential things to take into consideration. There are ways to configure your Wi-Fi network for increased security.

One of the most important things is to set up a strong password. We recommend you follow current password guidelines to make sure it is not easy to guess. You can also use a  password generator to help you.

It is also important to select an up-to-date security protocol. Most modern-day routers will automatically configure WPA2-AES or WPA3-AES encryption. They are the best according to cyber-experts.

Another thing you can do for more privacy is to install a VPN if you have a  VPN-supporting router. The VPN reroutes traffic and hides your IP which makes you less likely to be tracked down by hackers.

Enabling firewall protection is also essential. You can use the in-built Windows Firewall or pick a third party.

Can routers get viruses?

Yes, your router can get infected with a virus. While not as common as other types of viruses, those that target your router can cause serious damage.

Given the fact that your router is responsible for directing your traffic data, all the devices you connect to it are at risk if you get a virus.

There are multiple types of malicious attacks targeted toward routers. Cyberattackers may compromise your devices so you will lose important data and damage your PC.

Routers can also fall victim to phishing attacks so hackers may get a hold of all the private information such as name, address, or bank information.

One of the most notorious routers malware is the VPNFilter which reportedly hacked over 500 000 devices worldwide. It steals data, changes DNS, and manages your network.

These types of advanced attackers cannot be removed with a simple reboot which is why we can’t stress enough the importance of adequate prevention.

Can you install an antivirus on a router?

Routers for personal computers have come a long way since their launch in the late 90s, but they are still pieces of hardware built to serve the primary function of directing your traffic and do not support antivirus.

There are some routers that include a firewall and are sold alongside a dedicated antivirus app, but that still require a central management device like a phone or PC.

Thankfully, you can certainly secure your router with reliable antivirus software. Not only do they include powerful Wi-Fi protection and strong firewalls, but many of the tools presented below have router scanning options.

Do I need antivirus protection for my router?

Yes. You need to make sure that you establish a secure connection so there’s no risk of getting private data leaked.

As already mentioned, cyber attackers are able to create router viruses that can cause serious damage. They can steal and sell your data and also compromise your devices forever.

Good antivirus software that has strong network protection features is able to:

✔️ Test for outdated or vulnerable firmware

✔️ Manage all devices connected to your router

✔️ Detect weak network passwords

✔️ Block known network traffic threats

✔️ Identify changes in network patterns with machine learning

✔️ Remove viruses and malware and reconfigure your router

Having an antivirus installed on your network is still a smart idea. The built-in capabilities of the router will protect you against certain fundamental assaults, but not against all threats. Even if you don’t want your neighbors to use your Wi-Fi, you’ll be protecting yourself from more harmful snoops.

What’s the best antivirus for router protection?

It’s an important step to preserve all of the information those devices carry, especially now that so many homes are linked and numerous devices use Wi-Fi.

A few minutes spent selecting the proper home antivirus router protection can make a huge impact on how safe you are connected to the digital world.

  1. ESET Internet Security
  2. TotalAV
  3. Vipre Antivirus Plus
  4. Panda Security Essential
  5. F-Secure Sense
  6. Avast Free Antivirus
  7. Avira Free Security
  8. NETGEAR Orbi
  9. McAfee Home Network Security

Antiviruses are software built for computers and mobile devices that can give an extra layer of protection for routers. That is because they require constant updates and run powerful machine learning algorithms to detect day-one threats, which could not be done from a router.

ESET Internet Security – Richest set of network protection features

antivirus router Eset antivirus windows screen

ESET Internet Security is an advanced solution with multi-layered security options for up to a single Windows, Andoird, Mac, or Linux device.

In all instances, it will keep your network security for the connected device and ensure a safe environment against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Banking operations are likewise secured and you’ll definitely love the silent updating system, with no annoying pop-ups while you play games or run a program in full-screen mode.

This tool integrates a nifty feature that is able to thoroughly analyze your Internet connection, hence your router.

It is called ESET Network inspector and you can use it to scan your router.

To do that, just open ESET and then click on Tools ⇒ Network Inspector. Click the Scan your network button and you are good to go.

ESET Internet Security

Get instant network protection and join the +100 million happy users of ESET’s award-winning technology.
Free Trial Visit Website

TotalAV – Enhanced all-in-one protection

TotalAV is a premium antivirus program with a lot of great features and successful detection rates.

It provides multiple scanning options, such as System Scan which scans the whole system for malware, or Smart Scan which scans not only for malware but junk files and tracking cookies too.

It has a WebShield feature that is the first line of defense against scam, fake, and phishing sites that are created to harm your devices, compromise security or even steal personal data.

This feature continuously looks for potential cyber threats, blocking and intercepting them long before they can damage your PC.

Furthermore, it helps you stop intrusive trackers and take back control of your privacy and security, denying unwanted trackers from snooping on your data.

TotalAV eliminates irritating ads, pop-ups, and notifications that clog your screen on the pages you’re browsing. It also blocks in-play video ads.


Protect your personal information and block any online threats with this amazing antivirus program.
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Vipre Antivirus Plus – Fast configuration and high detection accuracy

router antivirus

There are times when traditional, slow antivirus software solutions aren’t recommended for complete router protection. This is where Vipre steps in.

This is the antivirus that can keep you safe from computer viruses, ransomware, identity theft, and all other threats that you’re exposed to when surfing the Internet or using a router on a daily basis.

And if you happen to fear complicated procedures, rest assured that the preconfigured settings are more than enough, without any actions from your side.

Vipre is one of the most reliable antiviruses on the market with the fewest false positives. It is also very easy to set up and install, with an intuitive configuration.

Users of Vire can benefit from real-time threat intelligence and award-winning customer support.

Vipre Antivirus Plus

If you’re looking for the best antivirus for router protection, rest assured that Vipre is a great choice.
Free Trial Visit Website

Dome Panda Security Essential – Easiest network management app

router antivirus

This antivirus for router protection secures your network using the Panda GateDefender Integra eSeries, a unified perimeter security device, for protection against any type of threats and is accessible from the cloud.

It provides complete protection at the Internet gateway, flexible connectivity, and management through a single and easy-to-use interface, plus it increases your business productivity.

Features include a firewall, antimalware, antispam, web and content filters, VPN, Hotspot, multiple connection technologies to access the Internet and corporate network, plus an Intrusion Prevention System to prevent intrusion attacks.

Not only that, but this antivirus also provides web filtering and has a built-in VPN to ensure you have a private connection.

Dome Panda Security Essential

Panda offers reliable router protection without slowing down your system. Ready to try it out?
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F-Secure Sense – Best for securing smart homes

router antivirus

If you want to protect your home network, you might be interested in the F-Secure Sense router.

This device comes from a famous antivirus manufacturer, and it will provide you with fast Wi-Fi while protecting all devices on your network.

This router will block malicious websites and other threats automatically, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your network.

In order to monitor your network, F-Secure SENSE comes with a dedicated app, so you can keep track of network security on your smartphone.

The dedicated app also works as a guide, and it will guide you through the setup process.

It’s worth mentioning that this router is optimized to protect your smart devices, so it’s perfect if you need to protect your TV, console, or smart home appliances.

In order to provide you with top-notch security, F-Secure SENSE is constantly updated with new features and security definitions, so your network will remain protected from the latest online threats.

F-Secure Sense is a great device, and it will be perfect for any home network, especially if you tend to use smart devices in your home.

This tool is able to protect and monitor all your devices with the help of the dedicated smartphone app. It’s easy to set up and optimized for smart devices and appliances.

F-Secure Sense

Protect and manage your network and all devices connected to it with this secure router and its dedicated app.
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Avast Free Antivirus – Advanced network port scans and security

router antivirus

Avast’s Premium Network Security scan, included in Avast Free Antivirus, detects if your router’s TCP port is open and accessible from the outside, which makes it vulnerable to attacks.

The Wi-Fi Inspector scans your network for any vulnerabilities while identifying potential security issues that open the door to several threats.

It also checks your network’s status, the devices connected to it, and router settings, helping you secure it from attackers trying to access it or misuse your personal data.

The Wi-Fi inspector exposes weak passwords for Wi-Fi and router administration, router firmware vulnerabilities, non-encrypted and unsecured wireless networks, DNS hijacking, as well as open network ports for remote access or Telnet, among others.

It also shows you the scan results in a single dashboard, where you can see your router, discovered devices, and details like IP or MAC address, vendor, model, and DNS name, plus running services and related network ports.

Avast Free Antivirus provides alerts such as router infection and easy router access from the Internet.

Avast Free Antivirus

Scan your router and detect firmware vulnerabilities, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, DNS hijacking, and more.

Avira Free Security – Best free solution for personal router protection

antivirus router

If you need only basic network protection, Avira is an extremely convenient solution. The free software offers just the essential security shield against advanced threats and malicious websites.

As you can expect from free software, Avira Fee Security is easy to set up and extremely lightweight when it comes to resources.

Besides that, Avira Free Security offers VPN protection (with a certain limit), tune-up tools, and a strong password generator.

You can always update to a more advanced solution in case you’d like a driver update feature or alerts for vulnerable accounts.

Avira Free Security

An essential security toolkit to protect your router and Windows device.

McAfee Home Network Security – Compatible with multiple router models

router antivirus

McAfee’s Home Network Security is a cloud-integrated antivirus for the router and complete protection for all devices in your home network.

This secure home platform is built-in in into your router to provide protection for every device whether they are tablets, IP cameras, smart door locks, smart lighting systems, or thermostats.

The Internet has brought with it a greater opportunity for cybercrime and attacks as hackers break into smart and connected home devices grabbing personal information hence identity thefts increase, as well as threats to your own personal security.

Features include parental controls, device identification, Internet pausing, real-time alerts on potential vulnerabilities, device fingerprinting, and Global Threat Intelligence.

That’s an always-on and updated service that protects your router and devices from threats in real time.

It is available pre-integrated in Wi-Fi routers and cable modems, such as ARRIS SURFboard, one of the first routers with SHP.

McAfee Home Network Security

Safeguard your personal information and privacy against data breaches.
Check Price Visit Website

NETGEAR Orbi – Best to secure your entire household

antivirus router

Next, we have a device that is able to keep all your Internet-enabled devices protected. 

Netgear Orbi is a mesh network device that can protect all your traffic data. It is a simple and small device that you can connect directly to your cable modem.

It is compatible with any Internet service provider and allows up to 100 simultaneous connections, so all your devices are covered.

Netgear Orbi is easy to set up. You have to install the Orbi app to your phone so you get a central management board where you can manage your WiFi settings, monitor data usage, and test out speed.

You can permanently see all the devices that are connected to your network which makes suspicious activity easier to spot.

For increased security, you can activate the NETGEAR Armor security utility. Powered by Bitdefender, it comes pre-installed on the mesh and you can find it in the Orbi application in the Security section.

It protects against malware, viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other emerging threats.  It is easy to activate in just a few minutes, and you can benefit from a 30-day free trial and try it out.


Protect and manage your traffic with this powerful mesh device with built-in antivirus.
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The antivirus software solutions listed above are ideal for all those willing to increase:

Router security – Most home routers have serious security flaws to worry about. Let the antivirus deal with them and continue your work.

Router protection – To increase your router’s safety, you’ll find above some great solutions for the efficient protection of your entire home network.

How Can I tell my router has a virus?

Just like viruses that are hosted by your PC, routed viruses serve different purposes, hence act differently. However, they generally change up your network settings to less secure configurations that can lead to some of the following issues:

➡ Slow Internet connection

➡ Network drops

➡ Your browser redirects to malicious/suspicious websites

➡ Unfamiliar data in browser history

➡ The browser does no longer block access to unsecure websites that are not SSL protected (that don’t have the locked icon before the URL)

➡ Passwords don’t work anymore

➡ Virus message pop-ups

➡ Ransomware locks your data

How to remove a virus from your router

➡ Use the rooter scan feature in your antivirus and immediately remove any threats found

➡ Uninstall any suspicious browser extension or add-on

➡ Change your DNS settings

➡ Update your router or perform a factory reset

➡ Use a router antivirus like NETGEAR Armor to scan your whole network and quarantine/remove any suspicious threat

This wraps up our rundown on the best security options you have for your router. These can save you from serious data breaches and device problems.

Keep in mind that it is also important to use a good and stable router that has good configuration options and secure ports.

Have you tried any one of these antivirus solutions for your router before? Share with us your experience, and your favorite in the comments section below.

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