4 best Twitch alert sound repositories to use today

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Twitch is the number one streaming platform for games. A lot of Twitch users incorporate overlays into their streams that provide more information for viewers. Those overlays include alert notifications that provide users with additional info. The alerts have their own sound effects to highlight the notifications.

A lot of users might stick with the default sounds provided by Twitch web toolkits such as Streamlabs. However, there are a few overlay download websites that also include groovy alert sound packs which users can purchase for their Twitch streams.

These are four websites that include unique Twitch alert sound packs and alerts for users to download.

Four Twitch Sound Repositories That Are Worth Noting


Alertsounds website best twitch alert sounds

Alertsounds is one of the few Twitch resource repositories specifically for alert sounds. Thus, this is probably the best website for alert sound downloads.

The website includes sound alert packs along with follower and subscriber alert sounds. The alert sounds are generally retailing from $1.99-$4.99 on Alertsounds.

The alert sounds there are compatible with all the foremost streaming apps, such as Streamlabs and StreamElements.


Own3d.tv website best twitch alert sounds

Own3D.TV is a website that includes a repository of full overlay and stream designs along with additional alerts and alert sounds. A collection of professionally produced stream alert sounds are available on that site.

Twitch streamers can purchase Dumbstep, Rock, Fantasy, Military, and Electro Twitch alert sound packs among others from there to match the themes of their streams.

Some of their sound packs are retailing at up to $58.99, which might seem a little pricey. However, the Own3d.TV alert packs are currently retailing with a 40% summer discount.

Twitch Temple

Twitch Temple is a website from which users can download full overlays, alerts, and alert sounds. There users can download comprehensive alert sound packages that incorporate a variety of audio effects.

The alert audio packs are available at $5 on Twitch Temple. The video below provides a preview of the Pretty Sprites alert sound effects that users can snap up on Twitch Temple.

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die is one of the most comprehensive repositories for Twitch resources. There users can freely download some full stream packages and alerts that come with their own unique sound effects.

Users can also snap up $5 sound effect packs for their Twitch streams at Nerd or Die. Those alert audio effects are compatible with both the StreamElements and Streamlabs uploading services.

Those are a few websites worth noting for users who are looking to add more appealing alert sound effects to their Twitch streams.

Furthermore, users can also download some great overlays and graphics for streams from some of those sites.


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