Bonjour Service in Windows 11: What Is It & Why do I Need It?

Use it to easily set up a network between devices

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  • Bonjour service helps you communicate with Apple devices if you have a Windows 11 PC.
  • It may or may not be useful for you depending on if you use Apple products or not.
  • In this guide, we have explained its uses, how you can enable/disable it and how you can completely remove it from your PC.
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Bonjour service is a service that is required to communicate between Apple devices and a Windows 11 PC.

For the Bonjour service to be working fine on your Windows 11 PC, you need to ensure that the name of the resolution service and the TCP/IP protocol is working fine.

Bonjour service comes built-in with Apple computers and is also available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. So, in simple terms using the Bonjour service you can easily discover devices and communicate with them on a local network.

For modern devices, the Bonjour service allows using of the connectivity capabilities of the devices to the full capabilities and communication with devices on a local data network.

However, we have just scratched the surface of the topic and there is more to learn about the Bonjour service if you aren’t aware of this service.

This is where this guide comes into the picture. Because, in this guide, we will give you a comprehensive explanation of what is the Bonjour service and how you can enable it or use it. Let us get right into it.

What is Bonjour service in Windows 11?

Bonjour service is available for different devices including Apple and Windows PC. It is also available for various Windows 11 and lower versions of the OS.

As already mentioned, the service comes built-in with Apple computers and you can easily install Windows 11.

Since Bonjour service is used to communicate with Apple devices with an Apple or a Windows PC, this service makes use of mDNS service records, allowing you to set up a network between devices such as printers without configuration.

A prime example of using this service is using iTunes. The iTunes app makes use of the Bonjour service to establish communication between your Apple device and your PC and creates a shared music library.

Another interesting thing that you should note is that Bonjoy service isn’t just used for Apple apps. Adobe Creative Suite 3 also makes use of the Bonjour service with Pidgin and Skype. They use it by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Is Bonjour necessary on Windows 11?

Well, that depends if you use Apple devices personally or as a business. If you use Apple devices and want them to communicate with your Windows 11 PC for different tasks, then you need Bonjour service.

However, if you do not have an Apple device or software that users Bonjour service, then you don’t usually need it.

But if you have an Apple TV or iPhone, but not a macOS, then you are bound to manage them from your Windows PC. In this scenario, you would need to have Bonjour service installed on your Windows 11 or lower PC.

As mentioned above, some third-party apps, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Dassault Systemes’ Solidworks, etc. also use Bonjour service. So, if you use these tools, then you should have Bonjour service installed on your PC.

What programs use Bonjour?

Here is a list of apps that use Bonjour service, meaning in order to use these apps, you need to make sure that you have installed Bonjour service on your Windows 11 PC.

  • iTunes
  • iPhoto
  • iChat
  • Adobe Systems Creative Suite 3
  • Proteus
  • Adium
  • Fire
  • Pidgin
  • Skype
  • Vine Server
  • Elgato EyeTV
  • Gizmo5
  • TiVo Desktop
  • SubEthaEdit
  • Solidworks
  • PhotoView 360
  • Things and OmniFocus
  • Safari
  • Bonjour Browser
  • iStumbler
  • Apple’s Remote

How to enable/disable Bonjour service on Windows 10/11?

Getting Bonjour installed on your Windows 11 or 10 PC isn’t a tough task. Apple apps such as iTunes or Safari come with Bonjour service built-in.

  1. Navigate to Apple’s website.
  2. Head to download iTunes.
  3. Click on the Get it from Microsoft button below iTunes for Windows.
  4. Download it for your PC.
  5. Extract the installer file using WinRAR or 7ZIP.
  6. Double-click on Bonjour 64.exe or Bonjour32.exe.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to install it.

To disable the Bonjour service, you can check out the section mentioned below in this guide that lists some different ways to stop the service.

Can I delete Bonjour in Windows 11?

The Bonjour service isn’t essential. If you do not use any of the above services, especially Apple devices, then there is no need for you to have Bonjour installed on your PC.

There are chances that you were previously a user of Apple products and recently moved over to Android. So, in such a case, you can safely uninstall or delete Bonjour service from your Windows 11 PC, without any issues.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to delete Bonjour service from your PC.

To temporarily stop it

  1. Right-click on the Start menu.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Switch to the Services tab.
  4. Locate and right-click on the Bonjour service.
  5. Select Stop from the drop-down menu.

To completely remove it

  1. Press Win + I to open Settings.
  2. Click on Apps from the left side.
  3. Select Apps & features on the right.
  4. Search Bonjour.
  5. Click on Uninstall and again hit the Uninstall button to remove it.

What are the most common Bonjour errors on Windows 11?

Bonjour service works seamlessly without any issues on Windows 11, for the most part. However, there have been instances where the service malfunctioned and threw up errors.

Some of the most common errors that you would come across with Bonjour services on Windows 11 are:

  • Bonjour service event id 100
  • Bonjour service error 1067
  • Bonjour service 100
  • Bonjour service error 2
  • Bonjour service failed to start

The above are some of the most common Bonjour service errors that you would come across using this service. However, the fix to these are pretty simple and listed below.

Notably, almost all the above errors can be fixed with the solutions mentioned below. So, you are free to try out the solutions and get the problems resolved.

1. Change the Startup type

  1. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialogue.
  2. Type services.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Locate Bonjour service.
  4. Right-click and select Properties.
  5. Under Startup type, select Manual.bonjour service error
  6. Confirm the changes.
  7. Restart your PC.

2. Other solutions

Here are some of the other solutions that you can apply:

  • Restart the Bonjour service.
  • Run disk cleanup.
  • Update your virus definition.
  • Restart your PC.

That is it from us in this guide. We hope that this guide gave you a complete insight into what the Bonjour service is and how is it useful for you. Let us know in the comments below if you come across any issues following the above guide.

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